Daily digest What one local ate over the course of a day

Adrian Tippens

I don't do breakfast that much, but I always do a strong French press. I ran downstairs and boiled the water while my 4-year-old was brushing his teeth. Then I came down and did my Kona press, and made him oatmeal with a little graham cracker and honey for sweetness. I had a few bites of that.

For lunch, I did a salad of arugula and kale and baby spinach. On top of that, I did shredded carrots and marinated artichokes and blue cheese, and topped it with Costco chicken salad. If I have something in my refrigerator, I'll find a way to use it. That Costco chicken salad is really good to just put a little scoop on a salad for protein. I do that all the time.

This year I'm doing boudin (at the market), so I got a big old case of that stuff from Comeaux's. I had to try it out, so I threw one on the grill. It was awesome.

My dinner was like a Frankenstein fajita burrito. I grilled pork chops and corn and bell pepper and purple onion and shredded more carrots. Then I smushed up an avocado, and I also put a little bit of hummus in there, so I made kind of like a paste; I put Sriracha in there to spice it up. I cut up the grilled pork and wrapped it up in a big tortilla with the vegetables, and used Greek yogurt as sour cream. To drink, I had a couple of vodka martinis.

Adrian Tippens runs Cafe Tippeneaux, a coffee-and-beignets stand at the Charleston Farmers Market. He participated in the recent Eat Local Challenge.