Daily digest What one local ate over the course of a day


Emily Doran works for a nonprofit education organization in Washington, D.C. She arrived in Charleston earlier this month to volunteer for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

I’ve been starting my mornings off with rice cakes and almond butter, and my wonderful host mother has stocked the fridge full of blueberries and made sure I’m set with coffee for the day. So that’s been my breakfast.

For lunch, I was off making a run with materials, so I stopped at Black Tap Coffee and had an amazing bacon-and-swiss quiche, which was such a treat, because I never get to eat out. And black coffee: I only take my coffee black.

In the afternoon, I ate a lot of trail mix and snacked on some pretzels and peanut butter. Supporters are bringing snacks in: They’re very conscious about keeping everyone well-fed. They’re really cognizant about calling and asking what we want. So it’s a lot of clementines: So many clementines. We have bags and bags of clementines. We go through two to three bags a day: It’s the go-to snack in the office. It totally is not pizza all the time. Everyone has been very on the ball about being very healthy. All of the interns do a really good job: They go to this place called Verde that makes these amazing-looking salads.

And then for dinner last night, I’d gotten a calzone from DeSano the night before. I’d ordered one thing, and then they gave me the wrong thing, so it had like cheese and sauce. I had ordered the veggie one, because I’m a big veggie eater, but this was just like the regular marinara one. I’m trying to be economical and not buy out each day. I love rice cakes with avocado, so I had a rice cake with avocado, and then ate a large load of blueberries.

When I had my first sit-down call with our field organizer, she was like, “We’re definitely going to find a time to find you some good Charleston food.” So I think that’s our plan tonight. Hospitality is definitely part of the culture here, and everyone has reflected that.

as told to Hanna Raskin