Robby Jenks for Daily Digest

Robby Jenks enjoys ice cream. Provided

This is part of the Post and Courier’s Daily Digest series in which one of our food reporters asks a local to describe their day of eating in detail.

Robby Jenks lives on Johns Island.

I woke up and then I had some Big Kick coffee. The Veggie Bin is now roasting their own coffee. They took over the deli space on Huger Street, and they're roasting coffee now, which is actually really good. It's the only coffee that I buy now. So had some of that with a little oat milk and a piece of wheat toast with my mother's homemade strawberry jam. And then for my second breakfast I had a cashew cookie, Lara bar and a fistful of almonds. 

First breakfast was around 8:15; second, around 10:30.

Around 1:30, I ate lunch. I'm getting pretty good at packing my lunches. So I made homemade pasta, some homemade tagliatelle with zucchini olive oil sauce. It's my friend Carter's recipe that she shared. You grate the zucchini and then just stew it down with some onions, olive oil and garlic. Oh my, God. It's so good. And so I had a big old bowl of that. For dinner I went to El Pincho.

It's in the same little plaza as 616. Pincho is real good. I got huaraches with hongos. Lots of silent H's. Then I had nopales tacos, and two large margaritas. Two "large Marges."

A couple of hours after, I went home and ate some Ben and Jerry's right out of the carton. Wake and No Bake, that's what it's called. It has a no-bake cookie dough in it. Not my favorite, but it was pretty good. I like Chunky Monkey. Cherry Garcia is a great one, too.

They did a Britney Spears one like a year ago called Gimme S'more. It was my favorite, both because I love s'mores and because of my undying love for B-Spears. 

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