cannon green redux

The Peruvian Ceviche at Cannon Green is a combination of triggerfish, sweet potato, jicama, lime and cilantro served with taro chips. Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017. Michael Pronzato/ Staff

Of all the countries with a ceviche tradition, it's possible none of them are prouder of the raw fish dish than Peru. Some food historians believe people living along the present-day Peruvian coast thousands of years ago may have pioneered the technique of curing fish in fruit juice.

But even if ceviche originated in far-off Polynesia, as has also been suggested, it's now a cherished Peruvian food. In tribute to Peru's distinctive ceviche style, Cannon Green's Amalia Scatena includes potatoes in her uncooked interpretation of flounder.

— Hanna Raskin

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