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When Lauren Mitterer of WildFlour Pastry learned The Post-Courier Cookbook Redux feature was supposed to capture the Charleston food scene at this particular moment, a few ingredients immediately sprang to mind. Mitterer, who operates two bakery locations and supplies the sweets for countles…

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Congress in Mount Pleasant recently took a brief hiatus, returning as an all-tapas restaurant. This refreshing ceviche verde from chef Mark Ciaburri is on the nightly menu, along with dishes such as achiote pork tacos and scallop aguachile.

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At the outset of The Post-Courier Redux Cookbook project, for which chefs were asked to submit recipes reflecting contemporary Charleston, it seemed dangerously likely that half of them would come up with steak tartare preparations: The raw beef dish is so popular that even seafood-focused r…

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“The only constant is change,” is a cliché that’s routinely slapped on a dining scene that welcomes new restaurants on a weekly basis. But it’s perhaps more accurate to say Charleston’s constant is okra soup.

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It’s hard to have a full discussion of burgers in the 2010s without referencing bacon jam, which also graces the popular patty at Artisan Meat Share. This is Cru Cafe chef John Zucker’s favorite way to make and showcase the red-meat condiment.

From his perch on Edisto Island, Ella & Ollie’s chef Brandon Rushing has access to impeccably fresh seafood, including the shrimp featured aboard this trendy toast. If you haven’t made the trip to Edisto lately, shrimp delivered to other South Carolina docks work just as well in this rec…

If there is one dish without which The Post and Courier Cookbook Redux series would be incomplete, it’s The Ordinary’s smoked oysters, which play an outsized role in so many visitors’ dining memories of Charleston. Praised repeatedly in the national press, the dish arose from chef Mike Lata’…

Verdita is a spirits-friendly green juice from Mexico, where it’s shot before tequila or sipped alongside it. Bartenders fond of patriotic origin stories like to point out that completing the lineup with a shot of sangrita (a tomato-based drink) makes for the colors of the Mexican flag. Yet …

It’s spring in Charleston, but Alex Lira of Bar Normandy conjures Fall in Florida with this thusly named fruit salad that tastes as bright as it looks. While you can pickle the beets and grind the peppercorns at home, it’s fine to buy pickled beets and ground Sichuan pepper before embarking …

It’s not just the pastry that’s deconstructed in this reinterpretation of a classic cheesecake from Warehouse’s Emily Hahn: The recipe also is considerably more free-form than most. In other words, Hahn prefers for each home cook to determine how this dessert ought to come together: “Let you…

Prior to 2016, Hawaii’s favorite way of preparing raw fish was hardly known on the mainland. Now the words “ahi poke for two” have a romantic ring to them. To really impress your significant other, follow the advice of 167 Raw’s Jesse Sandole and buy the best sushi-grade tuna available; to e…

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No Charleston chef dips into the city’s culinary history as consistently and enthusiastically as Drawing Room’s Forrest Parker, who tonight is putting on a $75 “Homage” dinner at the restaurant. Parker’s menu features dishes inspired by Henry’s, Edisto Motel, Colony House and Miss Alice’s Fi…

With a name like The Gin Joint, a bar ought to have Holland-style gin on hand. But years ago, the juniper-forward spirit wasn’t easily sourced in South Carolina, so owner Joe Raya came up with this recipe to mimic its flavors. “It's a boozy and unique approach to a stirred cocktail, and a go…

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If excitement over this year's soft-shell crab harvest was muted, perhaps it's because Charleston's most enthusiastic eaters are plumb worn out: Because of the irregular weather, crabs this year arrived on the heels of the Charleston Wine + Food Festival.

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There are greens galore in this roasted Brussels sprout salad from EVO's Blake McCormick, but it gains color from corn and carrots. McCormick likes using rainbow carrots, which taste just like common orange carrots, but their purple, red and yellow hues signal that they contain different set…

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Who needs a recipe for gin and tonic? Charleston’s cocktail scene, as it turned out. This now-famous Proof cocktail so impressed William Grant ambassador Charlotte Voisey that she started talking up the bar (and the city’s drinking culture generally) to international audiences.

Of all the countries with a ceviche tradition, it's possible none of them are prouder of the raw fish dish than Peru. Some food historians believe people living along the present-day Peruvian coast thousands of years ago may have pioneered the technique of curing fish in fruit juice.

Husk's Sean Brock is a devoted fan of crab rice, a Lowcountry specialty that's locally associated with Hannibal's Kitchen. Brock's version is a slightly more elaborate affair, made with name-brand ingredients such as Benton's bacon and Anson Mills rice.

Aleppo has lately been in the news for reasons other than its namesake peppers, which is why the delicacy is no longer available: The Syrian civil war has put an end to Aleppo pepper production.

This classic cookie is so easy to make that you barely need a recipe. In fact, it’s a perfect preparation to commit to memory, and Carrie-Ann Bach of Brown’s Court Bakery has supplied the measurements and method worth knowing. Although this version calls for pistachios and raspberry jam, onc…

Chef Matt Canter's poached grouper with tomato-fennel broth has a Mediterranean accent, but it's an ideal recipe for colder days, since it requires standing over three separate simmering pots. Start with the fish stock, or purchase it pre-made from a gourmet retailer or fishmonger. 

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There are no guarantees during the NFL playoffs: Maybe your team will win this weekend, maybe it won’t. But if you start up a pork shoulder one day before kickoff, you’re at least promised a satisfying meal. Jeremiah Bacon of The Macintosh, who contributed this recipe, likes to pair the glaz…

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The ‘Wich Doctor is generally associated with pizza and sandwiches, but Jeff Butler and Krista Hines don’t neglect the Folly Beach restaurant’s proximity to the ocean. Butler developed these crab cakes for a Vietnamese brunch menu offered exclusively on weekends. Other items include a steame…

It's common to see octopus presented as carpaccio, but Zero Restaurant + Bar's Vinson Petrillo took the opposite tack in developing his signature dish, a version of which was recognized by the S. Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 competition. The pressure-cooked octopus was a longtime menu staple.

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“Personally if I could, I would only cook vegetables and fish,” Short Grain Food Truck’s Shuai Wang says. “Those I think have always been my strong point.” Despite Wang’s wishes, his customers tend to order “chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken.”

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Sourdough isn’t critical to this dish: Caviar & Bananas executive chef Scott Roule suggests using your favorite bread to build the sandwich. Even without the sourdough, he adds, “It’s packed with layers and layers of flavor. The sweet-and-spicy slaw, tangy barbecue and smoke of the salmo…

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When I reviewed The Darling, I wrote, "It’s easy to imagine a home cook being the envy of her bridge club after serving up The Darling’s shrimp salad, a cream cheese concoction prickled with chili paste and pickled red onions." It's a phrase I forgot until chef Joe DiMaio reminded me of it. …

The Grocery serves charcuterie and steak tartare, but the downtown restaurant has earned a reputation as a vegetarian haven, partly on the strength of exceptional dishes such as this customer favorite. The contrasting okra textures and slap of vinegar make a garden-variety combination special.

Assuming you're as handy with a grinder as a gun, this recipe from Ken Vedrinksi (Trattoria Lucca, Coda del Pesce) might be just the thing to clip in advance of duck season. But making your own duck sausage is by no means a prerequisite: Any kind of Italian sausage will do.

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Thai Phi frames his warning in the gentlest of terms: “Pho is definitely a labor of love.” In other words, it’s not a soup you throw together for a quick weeknight meal. But the Pink Bellies owner insists the investment is worthwhile.

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Handmade with fresh fruit, the juice-based paletas include lime pops, bright as safety vests; mango pops streaked with chamoy and coconut pops with sliced kiwi and strawberries suspended within them.

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Marcela Ochoa, a Venezuelan immigrant, was disappointed by the dearth of empanadas and perico she last year encountered after moving to the Charleston area. She and her husband, Armando Garcia, recently launched RikiQuito is make up for what was missing.

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