Minister makes 4th trip up, down peninsula

Pastor Vanderbilt Evans trekked along King Street on Thursday. A slender white cross balanced on his shoulder, trailing behind him on a caster.

"I'm getting everybody to remember the cross," Evans said. "Remember what Jesus did for them."

Evans began his 16-mile walk at Resurrected Life Ministry in Jesus Christ, a humble, white cinder block church on Reynolds Avenue in North Charleston.

A fellow pastor, Henry Steed, accompanied him. Both wore baseball hats attesting to the authority of Jesus.

From a modest neighborhood, Evans made his way south through the industrial Neck area. He continued on downtown, past the high-end shops bustling with people.

When he hit Broad Street, he turned around to retrace his steps.

"There's so much division, white churches, black churches," said Evans, a tall man with a gentle voice. "Christ died so we can have one church, a heavenly church, under the Apostolic church."

Some cars beeped in support of the simple statement. A few bystanders offered him coffee and words of encouragement. Others kept their distance, trailing him to see what he would do.

This is the fourth time he has traveled up and down the peninsula.

Through prayer, Evans said he learns of his assignment to take to the street.

"I take the route (Jesus) tells me to take," he said. On Dec. 25, he walked to Broad Street via East Bay and Meeting streets.

"I'm on a holy convocation when the Lord tells me about it," he said.