Circa 1886 closes briefly for interior overhaul

(Melissa Haneline/staff)

Circa 1886 has been treated to multiple minor updates over its 15-year history, but the downtown restaurant is now undergoing renovations to “never look the same again,” in the tweeted words of chef Marc Collins.

Collins has been enthusiastically updating his Instagram account with images of stone detailing and freshly-painted walls. Spokeswoman Linn Lesesne says future patrons should also expect to see three new booths in the rear dining room and tiled booths in the main dining room (previously, they were finished with faux paint.)

“Not any one word really describes the look other than updated,” says Lesesne, who characterizes the renovation as a ‘total makeover’. “For instance, the bar was copper: Now it’s granite. Artwork was paintings: Now it’s black and white local photos.”

The restaurant is scheduled to reopen on Feb. 6 with a new late winter menu. For more information, call 853-7828 or visit