Jamie Oliver has fought to improve school lunches in his native Britain, and he follows his own advice when he's making "pack lunches" for his daughters.

--Make lunch interesting with a salad bag: Take a plastic bag, decorate it with stickers and fill with veggies. Teach the kids to add the dressing to the bag, then shake it over their heads to toss the salad -- they can mix it right at the table!

--Include one fruit-juice box, not from concentrate. Freeze it to make a "lunch-box fridge" to keep food safe while it sits in the coatroom. By lunch, the drink is like a slushy.

--The worst thing at lunch is a soggy sandwich. Try this trick: Spread butter edge to edge to "waterproof" the bread before adding the meat and fillings. Use funny cutters to shape the sandwiches.

As a father of three, Tyler Florence has plenty of tricks for getting kids to eat well, like a high-concept lunch box: He stacks the meal in an empty tennis-ball canister. Chill a small can of all-natural ginger ale or a bottle of water and place it at the bottom of the tube, then add an apple or a bag of popcorn, and the sandwich.

"Customize it with stickers, and you have a cool lunch container for a healthy meal," he says.