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Charleston Coffee Roasters Cold Brew Iced Coffee

What is it?

Charleston Coffee Roasters Cold Brew Coffee is a ready-to-drink Mason jar filled with cold-brewed coffee.

There is sufficient headroom to add ice or cream and your locally brewed coffee toddy is ready to refresh.

What’s the story?

Cold-brewed coffee is an extraction method that releases the essential flavors of coffee without any bitter notes.

It is a method that allows you to essentially make a coffee concentrate that can be diluted to your own taste.

The Charleston Coffee Roasters product is ready to consume, no addition of water required.

It is cleverly packaged in a glass Mason jar.

What’s the price?

$3.99 per 12 fluid ounces

Who’s selling it?

Whole Foods, Patriots Plaza, Mount Pleasant

What’s the flavor?

A smooth, full-rounded coffee with notes of chocolate. It is low in acidity and has no bitter notes. The flavor is concentrated so you can drink as is, or add ice or dairy to your own taste preferences. It also can be the base for a creative coffee cocktail.

— Deidre Schipani