Cannon Green mixologist concocts refreshing watermelon cocktail with a kick

El Fuego Del Gato

El Fuego Del Gato is a twist on a classic Mexican hot weather refresher, watermelon agua fresca (fresh water).

Justin Edgar, mixologist at Cannon Green, creates this cocktail's base with fresh watermelon fresca. The beverage complements the Latin flavors that are integral to Cannon Green's new summer brunch menu that was recently launched by Chef Amalia Scatena and her team. The cocktail's name translates as “fire cat.”

According to Edgar, “Cannon Green is always inspired by the freshest local produce. Right now, we're seeing a ton of watermelon, so we are using it multiple ways in this drink. We make a classic watermelon fresca using fresh fruit and simple syrup, and also freeze watermelon juice to make ice cubes so that the drink is not diluted too heavily by water.

“Cathead Vodka adds a slight floral quality that plays nicely into the natural sweetness of the watermelon and to give the drink a kick, we use serrano peppers because they have an awesome spice but not the pepper notes you get from say, a jalapeno.

“The drink is finished with mint and Ancho Reyes. It's fun, refreshing, and super approachable.″


Cannon Green at 103 Spring St. The drink is available during dinner and brunch service.

El Fuego del Gato avoids the cloying properties associated with sugar-enhanced drinks. The watermelon base is accented with the warm smoky spice of ancho chilies and the watermelon ice cubes keep the integrity of the drink both in temperature and flavor. Cathead Vodka smooths out any rough edges and the essence of fresh mint is the perfect warm weather refresher.