Bulls Bay releases Red Mash Sea Salt

Red Clay Hot Sauce and Bulls Bay salt come together in new product. (Provided)

My college friend Sara is getting married this weekend, almost 20 years after we put out the last student newspaper of our college careers. I haven’t met the guy, but judging from the looks of their wedding registry, he shares her tastes for weird foods and games. So here’s to their forever coupledom!

It’s always nice when you can cheer for both parties in a partnership, which is decidedly the case with the latest release from Bulls Bay Saltworks. As The Post and Courier earlier reported, the McClellanville producer is blending its salt with Red Clay Hot Sauce’s Fresno pepper mash – basically, the pulp left behind after liquid is extracted for bottling. Bulls Bay’s Teresa Gooden suggests using the spicier salt on roasted corn or mac-and-cheese.

Red Mash Sea Salt is newly available through Bulls Bay Saltworks’ website. It’s priced at $10 for 2.5 ounces. (And had it reached the market any sooner, I would have sent a jar to Sara as a wedding gift.)