Late Night Ex

Late Night Ex aperitif at The Granary

Teresa Taylor/Staff

Late Night Ex

What is it?

The Late Night Ex is an aperitif: a drink traditionally served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. Bridging a gap between wine and cocktails, these usually lower-in-alcohol beverages are gaining traction with American drinkers.

What’s the story?

R.H. Weaver, beverage manager at The Granary, created this drink to celebrate locally grown Ambrose Family Farm strawberries, the popularity of Tito’s Vodka and the inclusion of a 17th-century favorite, a vinegar and fruit shrub. His version marries Champagne and locally grown berries with the bracing refreshment of vinegar.

What’s the price?


Who’s selling it?

The Granary

835 Coleman Blvd.

Mount Pleasant


What’s the flavor?

If you enjoy the bitter taste of a Negroni, Aperol, Campari, or Lillet, Weaver’s Late Night Ex will catch your flavor fancy. Sweet with strawberry, slightly acerbic with the vinegar shrub and rooted in Aperol and the botanical bitter flushes of Fernet-Branca, this cocktail rolls over your tongue with multiple pulses of sweet, sour, bitter and bubbly.

— Deidre Schipani