Daily digest

Stewart Mitchell. Stephanie Barna/Staff

Stewart Mitchell lives in downtown Charleston.

I woke up and ate between four and 100 dark chocolate M&M's while I was making coffee. I really don't know how many I ate. Then I had two meatless sausage patties that I bought from the Trader Joe's freezer section. I drank about five cups of coffee with creamer and honey. 

For lunch, I had leftovers from dinner the night before: orzo, tomatoes and chicken with pesto and olive oil. My girlfriend is the best cook in Charleston and she outdid herself with this one. It was so good, I wanted to have it again for lunch. 

I drank lots of water during the day, like five to eight liters. 

For dinner, I went to Commonhouse Aleworks with friends in Park Circle. I ate a tasty cheesesteak from We Flew South and washed it down with a few Salty Goses. 

Oh, and while I was getting ready for dinner, I had two Labatt Blue Lights. 

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