SUMMERVILLE -- The boom is back. Fourth of July fireworks will be held at Gahagan Park.

Mayor Berlin Myers broke a 3-3 tie tonight to approve going ahead with the popular tradition, putting an end to a Town Council dispute that had caused council member to table a vote twice earlier.

"I'm going to vote for it," he said with a small rap of the gavel.

Council members Ricky Waring, Kima Garten-Schmidt and Aaron Brown voted in favor of spending $10,000 for the event. Councilmen Walter Bailey, Bob Jackson and Mike Dawson voted against .

Council members have been divided whether the event was worth the cost during a recession that has sapped town revenues. An estimated 30,000 to 40,000 people attended in 2009.

Town staff have proposed expanding concession sales at the park to help recoup the cost.

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