The U.S. Geological Survey has reported another small earthquake near Summerville, this time a magnitude 1.5 on Monday afternoon.

The tremor, recorded just before 5 p.m., was the fifth centered in the Summerville area in the past month, according to the geological survey.

The quake was measured in bedrock at a depth of about 4 miles, and its epicenter was located at the southern end of Ladson Road, just south of Dorchester Road.

Experts have said that the small temblors do not serve as a precursor to bigger quakes.

The four others measured recently were a magnitude 2.6 that struck on Wednesday, a magnitude 1.4 on Jan. 1, a magnitude 2.6 on Dec. 21 and a magnitude 2.2 in the Lincolnville area Dec. 7.

In 1886, the Lowcountry’s largest earthquake killed 100 people and leveled nine of every 10 brick buildings in Charleston. It was estimated to be a magnitude 7.3, according to the survey.