This year, The Post and Courier wanted to try something a little different when it came to looking back at 2011.

So we took a cue from The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky., and asked our readers to submit haikus about the year that was. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but no one could have predicted what happened.

Our readers sent in almost 800 submissions. After weeding out the ones that didn’t have the right syllable counts or had bad language, we still wound up with 758 total entries; 344 of which came from classrooms and children around the Lowcountry.

Obviously, we don’t have enough space to fit them all here, so we chose a few of our favorites to include below. You can download and view all of them. We've separated the submissions into two PDF files, one containing the adult submissions and the other containing haikus from children.



From darkness to light

eyes are now open. Let’s now

try to make it right.

Sherri Bardsley,



Citadel is scarred

Sex scandal comes back from past

To hide is to lie

Becky Maley,

Moncks Corner



His innovations

Changed my world forevermore

Steve Jobs iTouched me

Jeannette Sink,



Steve Jobs has left us

to ponder whether death is

but another app.

Sharon Bartshe,

Johns Island



Cruise ship dilemma:

Is it possible to end?

Sail on, my dear friend.

Marianne Albrecht,



To incorporate

areas of James Island

That is the question

Irvin S. Rosenfeld,

James Island



Mayor for Life Joe

Says this term is his final

Do not believe it

Terry McFall,

North Charleston


Mayor Joe Riley

Taking a victory lap

Around his city

Lisa Laughlin,




There is emptiness

Mom, you are so missed, so loved

Memories fill hearts

Nan Salas,

Edisto Island


This year friends have left

But they live on in our hearts

We give thanks for them

Lilless McPherson Shilling,

Mount Pleasant



Economy down.

Two parties fighting a lot.

No jobs to be found.

Jacqueline Weskerna,

Mount Pleasant


Retirement year

The nest egg has been scrambled

Goodbye, golden goose

Ed West,




Love at seventy,

A gift in old age, he said

as he doused the light

Bea Vargis,



An Army soldier

Protecting our liberties

Still my baby girl

Jeanne M. Baker,




I live every day

Overcoming autism

It won’t defeat me!

Rhyan Coleman,

Moncks Corner


Stage 3 lung cancer.

I was hand-carried by God,

Docs, kin, friends, faith, hope.

Nancy Welsh,




Streets filled with people

Excitement throbs in the air

Twenty-twelve is here

Lillian Dodson,



January first

To December thirty-first

Resolutions burst!

Julia Pearson,

Mount Pleasant



Working, working hard.

Fortunate to have two jobs.

Working harder now.

Erinne Scarborough,

Wadmalaw Island


Looking for a job

But no luck for me just yet

Need to win lotto

Deb Cathers,




Long gone, mission sent

Miss her when I’m miles on end

Bare stare ... discontent

Alvin David,

Goose Creek


Sunrise coffee’s on

Pets stirring, children laughing

Books, music, peace, joy.

June Sageser,




Goodbye, New Jersey

Hello, South Carolina

Rest in peace, Poppy

Michelle Allgire,




The year I packed up and moved.

I do love it here.

Betty Witman,

Mount Pleasant



Occupy Chucktown?

Kids, pets, work, bills, school, health, love

I occupy life!

Anne Todd,

Seabrook Island


Ninety-nine percent

In city parks we protest

Occupy our hearts

Andrew Dvorine,

West Ashley



Barack Obama

President extraordinaire

We are so grateful

Alice Shell,



Another bad year

Obama really must go

Vote in twenty-twelve

John Watkins,

Mount Pleasant



In the winter chill

When all seems to be hopeless

It is then God winks

Basil Kerr,

Goose Creek


I wake each morning

Thank you Jesus for this day

Let your light shine bright

Frederick Smith,

North Charleston



Carolina won,

I do not like them at all.

Clemson wins next fall

Jay Griffin,



Gamecocks came to play

on Thanksgiving Saturday

Blew Tigers away

John Wilder,




Zais won’t take money

Haley gives away the port

Tea Party in charge?

Carol Hawkins,

Mount Pleasant


Nikki went to France

Our state’s tax dollars at work

Did we win or lose?

Diane L. Thomas,




Construction nightmare,

Orange cones are everywhere,

Makes me curse and swear!

Lynn Tindal,

Moncks Corner


Horns honking loudly

Impatient drivers fuming

Rush hour, 6 p.m.

Donna Turner,




A glorious year

First our seals killed Bin Laden

Kim Jong Il died. Peace.

Jonah Crosby,



GOP pundits

Pay homage to the fallen

But nothing for war.

Jay West,

Mount Pleasant



Winds up, waves are high

Irene is nearing land fall

Turtle nests are gone

Teresa McKenzie,

Isle of Palms


What a lucky year,

Hurricane-free in Chucktown.

Luck don’t run out now!

Patricia Kotila,

Johns Island



Glancing at the lights

People staring and pointing

The most gorgeous glow

Katie Krawcheck,

Ashley Hall School



Shining devil tongues,

Sparks and lights licking the sky —

A building in flames.

Linnea Lewis,

Berkeley High School

Waking up at four

Cars driving are such a bore

Where is the bride, Kate?

Jenna Argraves,

Buist Academy seventh-grader


Drayton Hall iPads

We want to play Angry Birds

The teachers say no.

Andrew Crawley,



Holidays passed by

They were filled with joy and cheer

Now the end is here

Rylee Bodony,

College Park Elementary fifth-grader

I went to Redbank

It is a Navy golf course

I beat my father!

Charlie Habakus,

Daniel Island


I miss my sweet dad

Is in Afghanistan now

Keep him safe and sound

Allison Grace Rauls,

Daniel Island School fourth-grader


Haiku for you, you

2011, you

So sad you’re going

Prudence Criscuolo,

James Island


It is hot in June.

We go to the beach to cool.

Then summer is gone.

Mary Reagan Keeter,

Mount Pleasant


Warm, cozy and dark

Hibernating in a cave

Bears sleep in winter

Ethan Steed,

Murray-LaSaine third-grader


Gotta get candy.

Chocolates, taffy, lollies.

Epic sugar high.

Rocco Costanzo,

North Charleston


I am so spoiled

I’m a very blessed child

This is my true life

Kylee Alexis Smith,

North Charleston Elementary fourth-grader


Education first

Dropping out bad thing to do

Staying in school cool

Quintina Drayton,

North Charleston High School


Art at Christmas time

It’s my new favorite subject

Green and red paintings

Riley Maerlander,

Orange Grove Elementary


Going to the beach

So sandy and beautiful

In the nice warm sun

Zhanna Hamilton,

Rollings Middle School of the Arts


I see them again

My great siblings overseas

Oh, Bulgaria.

Kalin Pavlov,

Sangaree Middle School seventh-grader


Zeus is strong lightning

Aphrodite is beauty

Aries, god of war.

Henry Chafe,

Seabrook Island


Kepler two two B

Very far, but yet so close

Looks just like Earth’s twin.

Caitlin Johnston,

Sedgefield Middle School


I am Grampy’s girl

We do fun things together

I love him so much

Kaidan Davidson,