Your space

Bed lifts can allow for under-the-bed storage.

Some ideas to help in organizing your bedroom:

1. Opt for storage under the bed. Get more mileage out of the horizontal space in your bedroom with sliding or rolling under-bed storage bins. Stick a label on the outside of each container.

2. Tame the shoe pile. One of the quickest fixes to a bedroom closet overrun with shoes is to invest in a shoe rack. "I recommend a rack over a hanging shoe (bag) any day," says Julie Morgenstern, author of "Organizing From the Inside Out."

3. Get jewelry in order. If your necklace collection has outgrown its jewelry box but you don't have enough for a jewelry armoire, try a hanging organizer.

4. Create a reading nook. Rescue your reading chair from clothes and magazines by adding proper organization to a bedroom's reading nook. Next to a comfortable chair, place a side table with drawers and/or shelves to keep piles of books off the floor. Keep one shelf for library books and another for permanent collections.

5. Make your bed every day. If you spend three minutes each morning to tuck and fold, you'll develop a habit of keeping order in the room.

6. Toy-proof a child's bedroom. To tidy up toys, purchase canvas clothes hampers or crunch baskets. They're soft and great for concealing clutter. Use different sizes for toys, such as a smaller one for books and art supplies and a larger one for balls or stuffed animals. Involve your child in the organizing process so he will be more likely to tidy up.