Wahine Classic results

Kristen Tanner (left) and her mother, Terri Tanner, competed against each other in the Folly Beach Wahine Classic. Kristin won the women's longboard division, was runner-up in the women's shortboard division, and placed fifth in the fun one division. Terr

About 75 girls and women competed in the Folly Beach Wahine Classic, according to co-director Nancy Hussey.

The contest took place Saturday and Sunday at The Washout. The winners were:


--Menehune (ages 12 and under)

1. Emory McClary.

2. Marguerite McClary.

3. Alyssa Madden.

4. Hannah Floyd.

5. Katie Catoe.

6. Maggie Hogan.

--Girls (ages 13-17)

1. M.T. Bourque.

2. Leldon McClary.

3. Grace Muckenfuss.

4. Sarah Wright.

5. Savannah Cass.

6. Parker Hiers.

--Women (ages 18-34)

1. Veronica Bolus.

2. Kristin Tanner.

3. Liz Chirles.

4. Carrie Danker.

5. Catherine Rogerson.

6. Sarah Mitchell.

--Ladies (ages 35 and over)

1. Terri Tanner.

2. Marty Mentzer.

3. Tara Thomas.

4. Kelly Kane Wood.

5. Mary Gordon Kerr.

6. Barbara Corey.



1. Marguerite McClary.

2. Emory McClary.


1. Leldon McClary.

2. M.T. Bourque.

3. Parker Hiers.


1. Kristin Tanner.

2. Catherine Rogerson.

3. Veronica Bolus.

4. Jenny Harris.

5. Bridget Johnson.

6. Sarah Mitchell.


1. Marty Mentzer.

2. Patti Noe.

3. Jewel Napier.

4. Terri Tanner.

5. Becky Baird.

6. Nancy McGinley.


(For those who had never surfed in a contest.)


1. Alyssa Madden.

2. Hannah Floyd.


1. Jackie Doran.


(All ages.)

1. Hale Horstman.

2. Evan White.

Fun One

(All ages. Surfers ride the same size and shaped board, provided at the contest, and the winner gets to keep the Peru Surf Industry board of her choice.)

1. Terri Tanner.

2. Marty Mentzer.

3. Veronica Bolus.

4. Sarah Mitchell.

5. Kristin Tanner.

6. Kelly Kane Wood.