ABC's entertainment chief said he doesn't "get" complaints made by transgender people about a new sitcom.

The series "Work It," which debuted last week, portrays two men who dress as women to land jobs in a tough economy. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation said it is offensive to transgenders because it makes fun of the idea of men wearing women's clothes. ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee said Tuesday, "I didn't get it, but maybe it's me." He compared "Work It" to the movie "Tootsie."

The Nielsen company said 6.2 million people watched the first episode. That's a decent, but not fast, start.



Producer tries to end 'Cougar Town' hiatus

Hollywood-style guerilla warfare has earned the maker of ABC's "Cougar Town" some notice, but didn't achieve his goal -- at least not yet.

The sitcom, which stars Courteney Cox as a man-hungry divorcee, was last seen on ABC in May and wasn't on the network's fall schedule. It hasn't been canceled, but no return date has been set.

With ABC bringing many of its stars, show creators and executives to a series of news conferences at a Pasadena hotel this week, "Cougar Town" creator Bill Lawrence took action. He rented the Langham Hotel's bar Monday night, brought Cox and others involved in the show and invited dozens of reporters for free food and drinks.

Given the uncertainty over his show's future, Lawrence said he didn't want to appear at any of ABC's news conferences Monday and today.

"I didn't want to sit up there clapping and handshaking and acting like I'm happy, because I'm not," he said.

Lawrence wasn't invited, ABC spokeswoman Hope Hartman said. He suggested there were possible financial reasons for a delay of the third season, since money problems might mean ABC could order fewer episodes.