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PHILADELPHIA -- Famed filmmaker and Hollywood powerhouse Steven Spielberg, who created a foundation to preserve oral histories of the Holocaust, is honoring the head of cable TV company Comcast for his work as "an ambassador to learning."

Spielberg will present Brian Roberts, chairman and chief executive officer of Philadelphia-based Comcast Corp., with the Shoah Foundation's annual Ambassadors for Humanity Award at a benefit gala tonight. The foundation and Comcast have joined forces on educational initiatives to advance the organization's mission to promote tolerance.

Spielberg, a three-time Oscar winner, called Roberts "a longtime advocate of finding and developing innovative avenues to reach and educate young people."

"Brian's vision and commitment to enhancing digital literacy in schools and communities across America make him a great ambassador for learning," Spielberg said in a statement.

Spielberg was inspired by his 1993 Holocaust epic "Schindler's List" to establish the Shoah Foundation, which gathers video testimonials from Holocaust survivors and eyewitnesses to use as teaching tools for current and future generations. Shoah is the Hebrew word for Holocaust.

Its goal is to provide the videos to scholars and educators as a way of educating young people about the suffering caused by xenophobia around the world.