Bold and the Beautiful: Dayzee and Marcus said their “I do’s” after the groom arrived late. Dayzee worried about her friend, Anthony, not attending the wedding. Daisy didn’t know that Marcus, who was texting while driving, had run down Anthony. At the hospital, Anthony was stunned to learn that Marcus, who had gotten help for Anthony, was the person who’d hit him. Thomas, who knows what happened, was surprised when Anthony said that he wanted Marcus arrested for running him over. Brooke comforted Hope, who was devastated after she saw the video of Steffy and Liam.

Days of Our Lives: Austin said goodbye to Kate, and Carrie said goodbye to Rafe before Austin and Carrie left Salem to return to Switzerland to save their marriage and await the birth of their baby. Andrew set off an explosion in the tunnel. Gabi recovered from the explosion, but couldn’t get Melanie out of the tunnel before Andrew came to. At a warehouse, the second explosion left Sami hanging from a catwalk, but E.J. caught her before she fell. Just prior to the second explosion, Chad and Brady were looking for Melanie in the tunnel. After the explosion, Gabi ran back in the tunnel, looking for Andrew. Brady found Melanie. The explosion hit the ballroom, trapping Abigail in an elevator. Ian and Madison were trapped in the ballroom, and debris rained down on Daniel and a pregnant Nicole. Ian’s thug attacked Sami and stole a flash drive that could prove that Ian is framing E.J.

General Hospital: Luke nearly died in the fire that he accidentally set in the cabin. Anna arrived at the cabin after a sudden return of memory. Heather rushed into the cabin and knocked Anna out, but Anna regained consciousness as Heather told Luke they had to leave. Anna socked Heather in the face and handcuffed her before getting Luke out of the burning cabin. Police and firemen arrived as Heather came out of the cabin with a gun and fired at Anna. Luke took the bullet, but is recovering. Anna arrested Heather, who said that Robin is alive and that she knows Robin’s location. Robin failed to escape from the hospital where she’s being held prisoner. Connie (Kate) confronted Johnny, and he admitted that he shot out the tires on Anthony’s car. Todd watched Johnny’s confession on the surveillance video from the camera that Heather had planted in Johnny’s office. Patrick agreed to go to detox after “Robin” told him that she’s alive.

Young and the Restless: Adam and Chelsea returned from Kansas, and Chelsea worried about how the people in Genoa City were going to react to their marriage. Chelsea was thrilled when she saw the lakeside mansion that Adam had purchased. Adam and Chelsea were suspicious when Jeff and Anita arrived on their new doorstep and announced that they wanted to be the parents whom Chelsea always deserved. After throwing Jeff and Anita out, a tearful Chelsea told Adam that all they’re really interested in is her money. Neil reacted angrily when Sofia announced plans to accept a New York City job offer, but said they could share custody of Moses. Billy fired Phyllis from Restless Style because of the bad press that her attempt to run down Paul and Christine has generated. Cane told Lily that he thinks Genevieve is behind the trashing of her hotel suite and other strange things that have happened to her lately.

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