Bold and the Beautiful: Realizing that Hope is hooked on anxiety pills, Amber arranged to buy some from Jake and then left them in a bag for her, making it appear that Dr. Barton had sent them. Upset over receiving a call from a reporter, Hope downed a couple of the pills. Dr. Barton was surprised when Hope mentioned them. Dayzee saw Hope with the pills. The Forrester clan was furious when Amber crashed the welcome party for Caroline. Stephanie and Ridge urged Thomas to date Caroline. Thomas was upset when he found Rick spending time with Caroline.

Days of Our Lives: After hearing E.J. say to a pregnant Nicole that she’ll never keep their child away from him, Rafe announced that he is the father of Nicole’s baby. Nicole told Rafe that they’ll need to tamper with the results of the paternity test that E.J. is demanding be done ASAP. After Lexie had a fainting spell, her mother, Celeste, arrived and said that her tarot cards predicted bad news for Lexie. Daniel later told Abe, Celeste and Lexie that Lexie has an inoperable brain tumor. Cameron, a newcomer in Salem, turned out to be Lexie’s half-brother. He’s also a doctor and wants to help Lexie. As The Pawn and Princess Gina, John and Hope retrieved the Anastasia egg from the bedroom of Count Wilhelm, after knocking him out. Later, John saw a photo of Marlena and snapped out of the hypnotic trance Stefano put him in, and Hope also came out of hypnosis after John showed her a photo of Bo. Will admitted to Marlena that he’s gay.

General Hospital: At Ferncliff Mental Hospital, Sam met with Heather Webber, who told her that Jason’s mother, Susan Moore, had given birth to twins, but the nurse, Elizabeth Frank (Betsy), attending the delivery took one of the boys while Susan was unconscious. Sam realized that Franco knows he is Jason’s twin. (His “mother” was Elizabeth Frank.) Sam worried that her paternity test could mean Franco, not Jason, is her baby’s father. John told Sam that he’d help her deal with what she learned. Heather asked Steve to get her out of Ferncliff. It was revealed that Anna and John know each other from their time in the FBI. John told Anna that he is determined to take Sonny down because years ago he killed John’s sister. Anna agreed to work with John to find out if Sonny caused the deaths of Hope and Cole. Luke was upset to see Anna with John. When Maxie told the judge that she’s guilty, Matt and Spinelli set out to find Lisa’s real killer.

Young and the Restless: With his parental rights reinstated, Daniel spent time with Lucy. Daniel told Daisy that he still intends to go ahead and file for custody of Lucy. Kevin offered to help Daniel after he revealed that Daisy wants them to be a family with Lucy. Genevieve told Jack that she was offering to sell Beauty of Nature to him to atone for buying the company out from under him. Genevieve told Jack that in return for selling him the company, she wants to give their romance another chance. Victor and Victoria are both interested in purchasing Beauty of Nature. Jack was angry with Nikki, who asked Ashley to convince him not to have surgery because there’s a chance that he could regain the use of his legs via therapy. Jack was upset that Genevieve sided with Nikki. Neil accepted Kay’s offer to name him CEO of Chancellor Industries.

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