Bold and the Beautiful: In an uncharacteristic move, Bill resorted to prayer to save Katie and their baby just before Katie underwent an emergency C-section. Katie went into cardiac arrest after delivering a healthy son. After recovering, Katie told Bill that she would quell her anger toward him for their son’s sake. Liam and Hope consoled each other during Katie’s crisis, but Hope later refused when Liam asked her for another chance. Steffy vowed to cheer up Liam after learning that Hope had hurt him again. Thomas told Hope that he’s there for her, and then told Caroline that he’s just helping Hope deal with her problems.

Days of Our Lives: Gabi confessed to Melanie that she hired Andrew to be her “stalker,” to get Chad’s attention. Melanie broke off her engagement to Chad after realizing that he had known about Gabi and Andrew all along and didn’t tell her. Melanie told Chad, Brady, Daniel and Maggie that she was leaving for Europe. Will and Sonny spent time together after admitting their feelings for each other. Lucas was not pleased when he happened to see Will and Sonny kissing. Sami urged Lucas to accept that Will and Sonny are together, and added that Adrienne has to do the same thing. Caroline was supportive when Bo told her that he wants to quit the police force and do something else with his life. Nicole doctored a photo to show her and Rafe in bed together, in order to convince both Sami and E.J. that Rafe is the father of her baby. E.J. forced Rafe to tell Sami that they’re through by threatening to send Gabi to jail.

General Hospital: Jason talked John into paying Tea a visit in order to get a sample of baby Victor’s DNA for tests that would hopefully reveal the baby’s true heritage. (Jason doesn’t know that he’s the real father.) John suspected Todd of giving Sam’s baby to Tea. John arrived on Tea’s doorstep just as Heather was about to kidnap baby Victor. In Port Charles, Elizabeth agreed to put a rush on the DNA test for baby Victor but changed the results to show that Victor isn’t Sam’s son. Unaware that Kate (Connie) already knows, Sonny worried about telling her that Trey is her son. Sam met Jason on their wedding anniversary with divorce papers in hand. Sabrina, who was babysitting Emma, ended Patrick’s date with Britt (Dr. W) with a call to Patrick that Emma was upset. Alexis gave Jax his and Carly’s divorce papers. Sonny and Alexis were upset that Kristina wouldn’t annul her marriage to Trey.

Young and the Restless: As Sharon got ready for a press conference about her takeover of Newman Enterprises, Nikki announced that she had spoken to Victor on the phone after Billy gave her the number. Billy walked in and told everyone that Victor had died in a dock explosion. Sister Celeste took Genevieve to Victor, who recognized her. Encouraged by Genevieve, Victor remembered his name. At the morgue, Sharon identified Victor’s “body” and knowing that the body wasn’t Victor’s, ordered it cremated immediately. The Newman clan was livid when Sharon held a quickie funeral for Victor and then went to a chapel to marry Tucker. Alone at the funeral, Nikki was stunned to see Victor. Victor arrived just as Sharon and Tucker said their “I do’s,” which weren’t legal since she’s still married to Victor. At the ranch, Victor told Nikki that they belong together. Victor later held a press conference to announce his return.

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