Bold and the Beautiful: After dinner with Caroline and Karen, Thomas was stunned when Caroline, who had avoided his questions about her family, told him that she has two mothers, Karen and Danielle. Caroline begged Thomas to keep her family secret to himself. Determined to have Rick for herself, Amber reinforced Caroline’s belief that Rick is a cross-dresser by letting her see a photo (that Amber got him to pose for) of Rick wearing a dress. Hope was shocked when Caroline said that she’s avoiding Rick because she learned of his supposed predilection.

Days of Our Lives: Learning that Stefano was going to make a deal with arms dealer Vladimir Nevsky, John, Bo, Hope and Rafe arranged a sting in which they outbid Stefano for the guns. After overpowering Nevsky and his thugs, the four waited for Stefano. Stefano was arrested after a disguised Bo got him to confess that he planned to buy the illegal guns for resale. E.J. warned Stefano that he plans to take control of the DiMera Empire even though he isn’t Stefano’s son. Sami ran off when Will finally told her and Lucas that he’s gay. While Lucas accepted Will’s sexuality, E.J. had to tell Sami that she needs to be there for Will. Will stormed out after Sami blasted him for talking to Marlena about his orientation. When Cameron told Lexie that he worked with autistic children during his residency, she asked him to be a part of Theo’s life when she’s gone. Celeste warned Cameron that danger surrounds Abigail.

General Hospital: Heather dissimulated when Olivia asked what she had done for Steve. Steve told Heather and Olivia that he can’t believe Maggie committed suicide (Heather had given her a drug overdose) after confessing she killed the patient in Memphis, clearing him of a murder charge. Olivia was suspicious of the fact that Maggie committed suicide right after her confession. In court, Spinelli blurted out that he had proof Matt (who was drunk at the time and didn’t remember anything) killed Lisa. Maxie, who has been covering for him, told Matt that he killed Lisa. Alexis kept Kate (Connie) from telling Starr that “Connie” caused Hope and Cole’s death. Todd told Carly and Sonny that he heard Kate say “Connie” caused the death of Hope and Cole. Todd told Sonny to keep Michael from testifying against Starr. Sonny learned that Kate is sick when he saw and heard her confront “Connie.” Patrick agreed to operate on Ewen.

Young and the Restless: Nikki was shocked when Jack asked her to marry him — she was worried about Kyle’s feelings. Nikki reminded Jack that their first marriage hadn’t worked out, and told him that she needed time to think about his proposal. Victor, who secretly overheard Nikki and Jack’s conversation, went home and then embraced Sharon. Tucker attempted to apologize to Ashley for betraying her with Harmony, but she wasn’t having it; he’d destroyed their marriage, and she’s tired of giving him another chance. When Neil said he’d told Sofia that he and Harmony are attracted to each other, Harmony blurted out that she slept with Tucker and then ran off. Billy took Jack to see a neurologist when he said he had movement in his toe, but Jack was disappointed when tests showed that he’s still paralyzed and may never be able to walk again. Paul told Christine that Melissa suspects Ricky’s girlfriend didn’t commit suicide.

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