Bold and the Beautiful: Liam confessed to Hope that he’d kissed Steffy on their wedding day because he found the note (really from Deacon to Hope) that made him think Hope had decided not to marry him. Hope said she forgave Liam, but he has to earn his way back into her good graces. When Hope told Brooke about Liam’s confession, Brooke realized that Liam had left out the fact that the kiss had almost led to he and Steffy getting between the sheets. Donna told Eric that she has concerns about Marcus (their son) marrying Dayzee. Rick told Caroline that he’s still interested in her.

Days of Our Lives: Lucas found the letter proving that E.J. isn’t Stefano’s son after Will dropped it. Realizing that he lost the letter and that Lucas probably found it, Will raced to the police station but arrived after Lucas gave the letter to John and Marlena. John plans to use the letter to gain control of the DiMera Empire. Will blasted Lucas for giving Alice’s letter to Rafe. Rafe, Roman and Spencer arrested E.J. for Stefano’s murder. Ian recalled framing E.J. for Stefano’s killing. John is determined to get the goods on Ian, who denied having anything to do with Brady’s return to rehab. Bo, Hope and Daniel found Gabi in the room where Andrew held Melanie hostage, and assumed she had also been prisoner there. Andrew’s real identity was revealed to be Corey, an escaped mental patient. Andrew left Melanie in a gas-filled tunnel. Carrie told Rafe that she and Austin are returning to Switzerland.

General Hospital: Luke realized that the hockey-masked man (Todd) who brought him food and water was being blackmailed by Heather. Todd was about to free Luke when he got a call from Heather, who told him she would reveal that he swapped Sam’s baby for Tea’s dead baby if he messed up her plans for Luke. Anna was forced to release Heather, who lied about not having Anthony’s body, after Todd (under orders) hired an Anthony-like man to falsely say that he and Heather were on a date when the police stopped her car. Dante and Anna found the forger who Heather had hired to write goodbye letters from Luke to Anna and Lulu. Tired of Olivia’s interference, Heather plans to “get rid of her.” Trey was revealed to actually be Joe Jr. and Connie’s (Kate’s) son, Joseph Mitchell Scully III. Joe Jr., lying, told Trey that Sonny committed the murder that Joe Jr. was arrested for. While on pills, Patrick “saw” Robin.

Young and the Restless: Nick moved out after Phyllis admitted renting a car and trying to run down Danny and Christine. At the coffeehouse, Christine, Ronan and Heather arrived, and Ronan read Phyllis her rights before arresting her for the attempted murder of a federal agent (Christine). Ronan arrested Paul at Ricky’s grave, and he was charged with first-degree murder for shooting Ricky. Paul was denied bail. Eden is hopeful she will regain her memory of Ricky’s attempt on her life and Paul’s rescuing her. Michael and Ronan don’t think Paul intentionally killed Ricky, and talked about the fact that the police didn’t find the knife that Paul said was in Ricky’s possession. When Sharon tried to reunite with Adam, he said he plans to marry Chelsea.

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