As most of you already know, I like to save money wherever I can. I shop sales and use coupons.

There is a wonderful website I use to clip coupons called that allows me to support my favorite local chari- ties.

You can choose from the participating nonprofits, and a percentage of the funds received will go to those charities.

There are currently about 1,500 Charleston-area nonprofits that participate.

“We donate 20 percent of our coupon distribution revenues to the charity of the consumer's choice every time they redeem a CommonKindness coupon,” says Johnny Cavalli of CommonKindness.

“The brand pays CommonKindness 25 cents per redemption, and 5 cents goes to the nonprofits the coupon redeemer designated on the site.”

The site offers hundreds of coupons, product samples and other money-saving discounts.

Each time someone clips cou- pons or clicks discounts with CommonKindness, he gener- ates advertising revenues from the companies that post their coupons, product samples, sponsorships and other advertisements on the site.

Local nonprofits that partici- pate include the BRIGHT Historical Organization, National Organization for Women Inc., Parents Anonymous of South Carolina and more.

Founders Sarah Schloemer and Andrew Martin wanted to create a sustainable source of funding for America's nonprofit organizations, Cavalli says.

“We tried to think of how to generate funds in a way that wouldn't take money from the budget of consumers,” Schloemer says.

“And what we came up with was a system that actually helped people save money while generating sustainable funding for their favorite nonprofits.”

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