Sheryl Crow bonds with, enthralls her fans

Sheryl Crow performed at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center on Friday night.

LOS ANGELES -- TV Land's competition series "She's Got the Look," where contestants have to be older than 35, is built on the idea that the modeling world is paying attention to mature women.

New celebrity judge Roshumba Williams, 42, and new host Brooke Burke, 38, know from experience that attitudes toward age are changing in the industry. They both started modeling as teens and have continued to work.

"The modeling industry today is about the rebirth of the sophisticated woman," says Williams on the series set.

Williams says all you have to do is look at films like "Sex and the City," TV shows like "Housewives of ...," or 52-year-old Ellen DeGeneres as a spokeswoman for Cover Girl to see that older women are being celebrated.

Burke says she is a far more confident, happy woman in her 30s than in her 20s.

"We have a lot more to offer as women than young ladies. We know ourselves better in our 30s and on up. I don't think a younger woman has begun to figure out her life even though we think we have it all figured out," she says. "Thirty on up is a powerful place to be."

The show is designed to discover a beautiful, sophisticated and confident woman over the age of 35 who has the potential to transform herself into a model. The oldest contestant this season is 54.

Views on age may be changing but there's one thing that hasn't: it's still a profession that's viciously judgmental.

Williams, a five-time Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition model, wants to help contestants learn to deal with criticism. "I'm having flashbacks to my days standing there and having all of the eyes in the room tearing me apart. ... and then being brutally critiqued on what I needed to adjust."

Many contestants are women who have put their dreams on hold to raise children, support a husband or deal with a sick parent. "We're looking for a diamond in the rough who has the raw material to be a model. Most important, they have to have the spirit of today's sophisticated woman," Williams says.

Burke says: "Beauty is not about holding on to your 20s. I'm trying to tell the ladies to forget that 20-year-old swimsuit body. ... This isn't about turning back time. It's about knowing who you are, finding things you like about yourself and being comfortable in your skin at any age. I think the show's inspirational to all ages."