Gas prices have spiked again, with no relief in sight. So how can you save money on gas? Alter the way you drive. Here are some tips:

You use gas when you accelerate. Don’t control your speed using the accelerator alone. Brake the right way by putting more distance between you and the car in front of you. Try to anticipate the speed you will need to maintain the flow of traffic.

Avoid using your air conditioner. Try to park in a shady spot so your car is not so hot when you get in. Consider rolling down your windows a little to allow some air to circulate. Turn off the air conditioner when you get close to your destination; the car should stay cool for at least a few minutes.

Watch your weight. Carrying extra weight in your trunk makes your car work harder, thus you use more gas. Be sure not to carry around things you do not need. That applies to the racks on your roof for skis, bicycles or luggage.

Plan your route. Before heading out to the parking deck, check out websites such as You will save gas if you avoid heavy traffic and traffic lights; the shortest route is not always the most fuel-efficient if you have to stop a lot.

Use apps for your phone such as GasBuddy (free), AAA TripTik Mobile (free), Waze Social GPS & Live Traffic (free) and Gas Cubby ($2.99).

Shop to save. Several grocery chains offer fuel rewards when you shop.

Recently in one weekend our clothes dryer and our microwave died. So before we went over to the big-box home improvement store, I went to Bi-Lo and bought gift cards to the home store box in the amount of what I thought we would need. It did not save me money on my microwave or dryer, but it did save me quite a bit on 20 gallons of gas.

Get all the gas you can. When you redeem your rewards, be sure to get all of the gallons you can. Take two cars or take an additional approved container.