Book Review The Wife

“The Wife” by Alafair Burke.

THE WIFE. By Alafair Burke. Harper. 352 pages. $26.99.

The issue of sexual harassment and assault gets a new spin in Alafair Burke’s gripping new novel, “The Wife.” With a fine eye for believable characters and what motivates people, Burke sculpts a solid domestic thriller that’s fresh and timely.

Angela Powell is the wife of Jason, a respected professor and best-selling author. Her pampered, predictable life gives Angela a sense of control and peace.

She has kept a past secret from most people, fearful she would be fodder for media scrutiny.

Then Jason is accused of sexual harassment. Angela wonders just how well she knows her husband.

Burke keeps readers off-kilter on the characters’ reliability and motives. Is Angela a reliable narrator or are her views tainted by her own experiences? Not only does she worry about Jason, she also worries about her own life and losing her shroud of privacy.