Have you heard of the new place to find new inventions? Or the new place to send in your invention or product ideas? If you haven't, let me educate you. It is called Quirky -- funny name, big idea.

Ben Kaufman is CEO and founder of this innovative site. His team evaluates and selects new product ideas submitted by an online community of more than 85,000 people.

If you're short on ideas, don't worry. This Quirky place can give you help and answers to interesting home problems. Let's explore.

Ever wish you had more storage space in your shower? A stylish modular storage unit has detachable components so you can organize all your bath accessories in a handy spot.

Do you have a hard time opening cans? Apri relieves strain on your hands, prevents sharp metal edges and helps lift lids. Check it out on www.quirky.com.

Need a better organizing system for your coffee accessories? Aroma is a stylish modular storage system that holds and displays those ubiquitous K-cups. Sleek and suitable for the kitchen counter, it has a place for accessories from mugs to sugar and creamer.