LOS ANGELES — “The Amazing Spider-Man” has swung into action with $35 million domestically in its first day, a record for a film opening on Tuesday.

The new launch for the Marvel Comics superhero, played by Andrew Garfield, outdid the previous best Tuesday debut of $27.9 million for “Transformers,” which opened the day before the Fourth of July in 2007.

The opening-day results show the resilience of the Spider-Man brand, which set box-office records from 2002 to 2007.

Anderson Cooper and Frank Ocean made revelations about their sexuality this week, but Ocean’s could end up being the more significant announcement.

Ocean, the rising R&B singer behind the single “Novacane,” announced Wednesday that his first love was a man.

Earlier this week, CNN’s Cooper acknowledged that he is gay.

But the admission from the 24-year-old Ocean is noteworthy because he inhabits the world of rap, where anti-gay sentiments have long been part of the regular vocabulary.

“I think it’s definitely important and it really signifies that there is a changing of the face of hip-hop,” said Chuck Creekmur, founder of the leading website allhiphop.com.

He called Ocean’s announcement “a sign of the times.”

While Creekmur stressed that Ocean’s announcement did not hold the same weight as if a rapper had come out, he said it was significant that the hip-hop community’s initial reaction was positive.

Eric Sykes, the widely-acclaimed British comedy actor and writer, died Wednesday. He was 89.

He died at his home after a brief illness, said manager Norma Farnes.

Sykes was one of the most popular comic actors of his generation, appearing in shows in London’s West End into his 80s.

He began his career writing scripts for BBC shows, co-writing 24 episodes of the classic radio comedy “The Goon Show” with the late Spike Milligan.

He appeared in the “Sykes and A...” sitcom about a brother and sister living together in west London, which ran in the 1960s and ’70s.

He went on to write and act in theater shows and movies, including an appearance in the Harry Potter film “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”

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