Rihanna, ex-boyfriend Brown kiss at VMAs

Rihanna hugged, then briefly kissed ex-boyfriend Chris Brown after her big win at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Their sometimes turbulent relationship turned sweet briefly Thursday night during a commercial break after the pop star won video of the year for “We Found Love.”

MTV showed the grainy footage shot from a distance on its website Friday. As Rihanna walks offstage, she smiles and reaches out to embrace Brown. She gives him a quick kiss, then tussles his bleached blond hair as she exits.

Cowell trashes ‘Voice’ for schedule move

Simon Cowell just uncorked some of the most withering criticism of his career. But it wasn’t directed at some hapless contestant on Fox’s “The X Factor” — his ire was pointed at “The Voice,” his main competition in TV singing shows.

Cowell unloaded his scorn after NBC added a third night to “The Voice’s” season premiere, which airs Monday, Tuesday and now Wednesday. The latter date conflicts with “The X Factor’s” season premiere, and Cowell is, shall we say, unhappy about it.

“This is a cynical, cold-hearted, unprofessional way of doing business,” he told TMZ, citing a “gentlemen’s agreement” that kept the similar shows in different time slots.

Kristen Stewart back in the spotlight

“Twilight’s” newest vampire Kristen Stewart made her first public appearance in nearly two months Thursday night at the Toronto Film Festival to promote her latest movie.

Stewart, 22, went into lockdown after she publicly apologized for having a tryst with the married director of her last film, “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

Hundreds of fans eagerly gathered early in the morning Thursday, awaiting her walk on the red carpet for “On the Road.” It’s based on the classic Jack Kerouac novel, and one of Stewart’s favorite books. “I’m somebody that has loved the book their whole life,” Stewart said, first reading it at 14.

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