Seth Meyers is creating an animated series for Hulu that will translate his experiences on “Saturday Night Live” to a gang of superheroes.

Meyers previewed the show, “The Awesomes,” at Hulu’s upfront Thursday. He and co-creator Michael Shoemaker, a producer of “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” and formerly of “SNL,” said the series will be a behind-the-scenes look at an “Avengers”-like troupe of crime-fighters.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie insists he was listening — not sleeping — during a recent Bruce Springsteen concert in New York City.

Christie said a fan snapped a photo of him with head back and eyes closed during the show at Madison Square Garden one day after returning from the Middle East. The governor said the New York Post incorrectly concluded that he had dozed off.

Christie said Thursday that when the picture was taken, he actually had simply leaned back and shut his eyes to listen to the spiritual-sounding song “Rocky Ground.”

The governor is a mega-fan who has attended 127 Springsteen concerts, though he and Springsteen seldom agree politically.

Christie said he buys his tickets from band members Steven Van Zandt or Max Weinberg at face value.

Martha Stewart is cooking up a culinary master class for public television.

The TV host, author and media mogul announced Thursday that she will launch a new PBS series this fall called “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School.”

Each weekly, half-hour will feature Stewart in the kitchen demonstrating classic cooking techniques.

She said she will illustrate the building blocks of recipes, from roasting to poaching to braising.

The series, inspired by Stewart’s best-selling book of the same name, will air on PBS stations across the nation.

Stewart’s daily talk show, which aired in syndication before moving to cable’s Hallmark Channel two years ago, is ending this summer.

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