CHICAGO — No matter how meticulously you plan your wedding day, it has a way of throwing a curveball, such as when your college roommate, in a moment of excitement, accidentally sloshes red wine on your wedding dress.

Wedding planner Mindy Weiss has witnessed enough such mini-crises to bring a Tide stain-lifting stick to every job. Weiss, who sells a 24-item “SHEmergency Kit” ($30 at to help brides handle common mishaps, suggested essential items to include in a wedding-day survival kit, and we added a few product suggestions.

Folding hairbrush with mirror: For quick makeup, teeth and hair checks, this tiny compact can be a lifesaver. $8 at

Hand lotion: Cracked knuckles and ashy elbows don’t stand a chance against L’Occitane’s shea butter mini hand cream. $10 at

Mending kit (including safety pins): A zippered pouch with sewing essentials can rescue a torn veil, your groom’s loose buttons and myriad other clothing malfunctions. $10.50 at

Double-sided garment tape: Hide bra straps, execute a last-minute hem and keep fabric (and body parts) in place with the varied sizes and shapes of double-sided tape in the Lacebugz wedding adhesive pack. $12.95 at senseling

Shoeshine wipes: For a last-minute buff, the Synovia Instant Shine Sponge gives gleam to any color and style of shoe. Also consider getting disposable shoeshine wipes. $5 at

Stain remover: Tide to Go instant stain remover can be your hero. $3.29 at

Deodorant wipes: La Fresh has deodorant wipes, though its standard wipes may also come in handy. $3.99 for pack of six at

Breath freshener: You may never kiss as many people as you do on this day. $5.49 for a pack of two at

Facial tissues: This site has lots of fun wedding-themed tissues. $1.65 at

Lint remover: A quick pass of Scotch’s mini lint roller over a bridesmaid dress or groomsman suit will pick up any stray hairs and flecks. $2.49 at