A new smartphone app will help you transition your old paper photos into the digital age.

Called ShoeBox, the free app lets you use your iPhone's camera as a photo scanner. An Android version is coming soon.

ShoeBox comes as social media giant Facebook is preparing to launch its new "timeline" feature.

Timeline essentially turns user profiles into an online scrapbook for the most important moments of their lives.

As such, it encourages users to add photos from their lives before Facebook.

ShoeBox creator Rudy Adler says that's where ShoeBox comes in.

The app lets users rotate, crop, date and tag photos and share them with friends and family through Shoebox or Facebook.

The photos also are stored on 1000memories.com, the website of the startup behind ShoeBox.

The website is also where ShoeBox users can go to control their privacy settings if they don't want their old photos shared.