This week, we're talking about financial literacy. As you look at the results of the Financial Finesse survey on this page, consider how you would rate your own financial literacy. Do you have a tip on handling your finances that other women might find helpful?

Send us your answer by 10 a.m. Tuesday and you could win an "I've Got Moxie" mug.

Last week, in honor of Labor Day, we asked you to tell us one household chore you enjoy and one you'd be happy to never do again.

Here's what this week's winner, Elizabeth Bourgeois, had to say:

"I know you won't believe it, but the chore I really enjoy is hanging laundry on the line in the backyard in the morning. The cacophony of sounds -- birds, dogs, squirrels -- is really quite peaceful. And to think, I'm using solar energy to dry my clothes! There's also something soothing about pinning clothes to a line -- just so -- that makes me feel organized even though it's only about how my clothes will dry.

"The chore I'd be happy never to have to do again is one I did on Labor Day: scrubbing the grout between the tiles in my shower! Even the after-shower sprays don't seem to do the job as well as elbow grease!"


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