Kate Gosselin starts over in new show, life

Kate Gosselin

Reality-TV star, author and single mother Kate Gosselin says she has moved past the pain of her public divorce last year from Jon Gosselin.

She and the two sets of multiples that made her famous, the twins and sextuplets, have begun a new season with the renamed show "Kate Plus Eight" on TLC.

Gosselin has wasted no time looking for opportunities to continue to work in the public eye to support her family. Last season, she appeared on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," and she has been a co-host on that network's "The View." She has written three books, with a fourth due out next year.

Q: Is life much different for you and the children when the cameras aren't rolling?

A: Nope, just less bodies. Because I don't have time to do anything different, contrary to the very popular belief of the world that things are different.

Q: You seem comfortable enough in front of the camera. Was it always like that?

A: It was always like that. I probably get in trouble because I don't know how to make myself a different person. I've done a little acting here and there. I'm interested in doing more, but that is a very difficult art. It is a hard thing for me to be anything other than what I am. If I'm playing myself, I'm fine. I don't know, I would like to see if I could be somebody else. I've always been very comfortable. That's why from the very beginning it (the show) did so well. We were real and believable and honest.

Q: Do you ever have any input when it comes to editing?

A: I do watch the shows before they air, and there have been a few occasions where I have said, "Ughhh." But, again, it is up to them whether they take it out. I know when I am inviting them into my house they are able to show whatever it is they have (filmed). However, when I speak up about the kids and things I don't want about the kids in, I am listened to, and I need to have that say. I will sacrifice myself. I mean, they crucify me. So what do I care? If I don't have a thick skin, I guess I'll never have one. Where the kids are concerned, I don't like them to be (shown) in an ugly light.

Q: Do you think reality stars are treated differently by the press than conventional actors?

A: I do, and I think it's warranted because actors -- it is their skill, they study and work at it. I am just in the fortunate situation that people care enough to watch (the show), and I am able to provide for my kids. It has become my job, but it is not a job I had to learn or study or get a degree. I now look at actors as "wow." So I think it is warranted that reality people are treated different. There's all kinds of crazy reality out there. It doesn't really take much to get there. I'm just really living my life and showing people how I do it. I started out that way, and I remain that way because people were curious.

Q: Have your relationships with friends and family been affected as you have become more well-known?

A: It happens to everybody, yes. I think it goes beyond being on TV or famous. In every situation and every decision people make, family and friends decide to stand with you or stand not with you. I knew to expect it, and I saw it happening. You know, friends come out of nowhere when you least expect it and family members you never thought would, disappear. That's just the way it is. So it's been hard, really.

Q: They say you really find out who your friends are.

A: You really do, and I've said that many, many times. I really consider it a blessing and a privilege to walk in life and know who my true friends are. I can tell you I know them for a fact. Many people will live and die and not know who those true people are. It's a great, great thing to know who my true friends are and who I can count on.

Q: You've had two major surprises in your life: finding out you were having sextuplets and when Jon wanted out of the marriage.

A: Well, it's three shocks because I never knew I would be a household name. That was a ... shock. (Laughs)

Q: I know they were all different, but which was more challenging?

A: Um, gosh, I can't even compare them. They are all different. Definitely when I have those moments when I'm by myself and don't feel like listening to music, which is rare, I just come back to the fact that it is a life I never could have made up. I never could have dreamed or run from it. It was my destiny. It's just what was supposed to happen to me. I don't compare them in shock waves. When I found out I was having sextuplets, I had no idea how I would provide for them and take care of them. Eight kids is certainly beyond fathomable for anybody who is living a normal life and just getting by.

But thank God a career, if you want to call it that, appeared out of nowhere and afforded me the ability to guilt-free financially provide for eight kids.

Q: Would you ever consider marrying again?

A: You've caught me far enough out from my divorce that if my knight in shining armor appeared, I would, at this point, consider it. The poor thing would have to live through so much scrutiny from the outside world and from me, that I don't know that anyone would ever want to do that.