Jewelry trends run the style gamut

The vintage trend is popular for both clothes and accessories. Pieces like these can be found at Hampden Clothing at 314 King St.

Layer your necklaces. Stack your bracelets. Pair down. Keep it simple. Bold statement pieces are better. Classic and tailored is the look.

For a few years, trends in jewelry seem to have swung back and forth on the fashion pendulum. For 2012, the plumb line has settled in the center and opened up a number of options for every woman.

Whatever your taste in jewelry, it's in style right now.

A strand of pearls or a fine gold chain can be just enough to set off the perfect outfit. Whether you're shopping or out to dinner, keeping the jewelry simple has its merits.

If you're going for simple, there are a few things to keep in mind.

When skimping on the quantity, quality is key. When you wear only one or two pieces of jewelry, they draw the eye to the individual piece more than to the overall look, so make sure what people are looking at is worthwhile.

Mixing metals is allowed. After jewelers such as David Yurman and Roberto Coin added gold details to silver jewelry, the stigma has all but been erased.

It may seem like you're breaking a fashion rule, but pairing silver with gold or even rose gold can appear really sophisticated.

Statement jewelry is a completely different ball game. With statement pieces, you're working with an overall look. While quality is still important, you have a little more freedom to go f or the funkier costume pieces.

Statement jewelry can be an oversized cuff or a large fringed necklace, but it can also be a lot of smaller pieces that are layered to create one harmonious look.

Just remember to coordinate the pieces with your entire look and wear it with confidence.

Vintage clothing has become a huge trend over the past few years and with that trend comes vintage jewelry.

The appeal of vintage jewelry is that you often can find one-of-a-kind pieces or items with a fun story behind them.

An added bonus is that you're almost guaranteed to be the only one it town wearing the piece.

Jewelry is like any other accessory and should be tailored to personal style rather than to trends. With so many options available, everyone has the opportunity to add a little — or a lot of — dazzle to their look.

Seth McCormick Cooke is a stylist and freelance writer based in Charleston. Reach him at