Hudson's 'Rules' for a good marriage

Oliver Hudson stars in the CBS comedy “Rules of Engagement.”

MIAMI – The oft-threatened CBS comedy about relationships, “Rules of Engagement” (8:30 p.m. Thursdays), returned to the airwaves March 29 after a brief hiatus. Oliver Hudson, who stars as Adam, one half of a happily married couple, is in a similar situation in real life.

Hudson, 35, has been married to actress Erinn Bartlett for six years, and they have two sons, Wilder Brooks, 4, and Bodhi Hawn, who just turned 1. Quite a family tree. The baby’s middle name is a nod to Hudson’s mother, Goldie Hawn. Oliver’s father is musician Bill Hudson, whom Hawn divorced in 1980; Oliver and his younger sister Kate Hudson were raised by Hawn and her partner, Kurt Russell.

Q. How does it feel being a dad times two?

A. I’m in a constant state of exhaustion, but through all the insanity it does make you young again. Things you may not have experienced as a child, you do now. You get to appreciate the smaller things even when they’re babies. Like if an airplane flies by, you get excited, or skiing down a bunny slope is more fun than if I went off on my own. I’m very active with them. We’re always outside at the pier or at the beach.

Q. Does your famous mom help?

A. My mom is in her mid-60s and has more energy and is more youthful than any human being I know. It’s pretty incredible. I’m always saying, ‘Mom, slow down!’ She’s traveling all over the place. One minute she’s in London at a fundraiser for her foundation; the next minute she’s doing a speaking engagement in India. When she and my dad Kurt are around, they come over to help. They’re obsessed grandparents.

Q. Your sister Kate just had a baby (Bing, with Muse singer Matthew Bellamy). Do all the boys hang out?

A. Ryder (Kate’s 8-year-old son with rocker Chris Robinson) and Wilder, they’re great friends, best friends. Ryder sleeps over here all the time. I’ve got his little second bed that I make up. Little Bing is so cute. He’s catching up. In a year or two he’ll be running with the pack.

Q. Would you go for another child?

A. We might have another kid. I want a girl, but I know if we do, it’ll end up another boy. We’re all boys in this family!

Q. You’ve known your wife for 11 years. What’s the secret to keeping the spark alive?

A. I’ve had to budget hotel rooms into our annual expenses. (Mini vacations) help keep it spicy. You drink some wine, watch a movie and sort of be together. Erinn and I are still into each other. She’s still sexy to me; it’s all good. But when you’re in a hotel room alone. ... you’re allowed to let it go a little bit. After being with your kids all week, constantly doing things from the minute they wake up ‘til the time they go to bed, it reinvigorates your life. Parent hard, play hard. That’s my philosophy.