DEAR LEXI: Leggings are so popular this season. They certainly seem comfortable, but I’m worried that they won’t look good on me. I am a full-figured woman, not the skinny-mini woman you find on the New York runways. But I am young and feel like I should be able to pull off this legging trend.

What should I pair with them as far as shoes and tops? What should I avoid? — JULIE, MOUNT PLEASANT

DEAR JULIE: Leggings do continue to be an enormous trend this season. They really can be worn by most women, but they need to be worn correctly to make the look a fashion “do” and not a “don’t.”

Dressing your figure means finding a balance between the top half and bottom half of your body. Follow this general rule: When wearing a fitted pant, pair it with a loose top and vice versa.

Leggings do show all, so find longer tops that fall just below your hips. If you are more full-figured, then avoid wearing shoes with your leggings. Boots are the best option for you. This will balance your figure and be the most flattering look.

Dear Lexi is written by Alexandra Munzel of Alexandra Styles. Send your questions to