Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded July 25-29.


Carolina Investment Partners I LLC sold 6967 Lightkeepers Lane to Cade D. and Tiffany A. Henderson for $223,500.


Gregory G. and Constance T. Holmes sold 45 King St. to Keith R. McLoughlin for $2 million.

LCP LLC sold 3 Jackrigs Alley, Lowndes Point to Ansley Properties LLC for $245,000.

George R. Derrick sold Unit B, 115 Rutledge Ave. to F. Justin and Rhonda J. Strickland for $257,500.

Maurine J. Le Cato sold Unit 5E, 14 Lockwood Drive, Ashley House to Michael W. and Linda L. Hewson for $280,000.

Julia W. Acker sold Unit 3B, 330 Concord St., Dockside to Alexander J. Franklin for $283,000.

Centex Homes sold 2330 Eagle Creek Drive, Essex Farms to Craig E. and Jodie B. Adams for $320,095.

Folly Beach

Charles Dukes sold 406 West Ashley Ave. to William Allen Shelton II and Karen Sue Shelton for $378,000.


Donald C. and Monica D. Ray sold 5352 Boone Run Road, The Bluff at Wide Awake Plantation to Robert I. Garvin Jr. for $320,400.

James Island

Kelly E. Lucas sold 1528 Clarksound Circle, Bayview Farms to Jarrett A. Youngblood for $247,000.

Timothy N. and Jenny M. Heichelbech sold 1177 Sea Eagle Watch, Seaside Estates to William Moran for $440,000.

Thomas L. Smith Jr. sold 1720 Henley Lane, Bayview Farms to Melinda R. Lull for $200,000.

2140 Parkway LLC sold 2140 Parkway Drive, Wappoo Hall to Jennifer M. Freer for $220,000.

Wilson Greene sold 787 Shell Sand Road, Harbor Oaks to Kenneth E. and Janet C. Epley for $230,500.

Vincente and Kathleen A. Digrazia sold 1601 Angelfish Court, Ocean Neighbors to Tracie L. and Brad J. Evans for $271,500.

Johns Island

Eastwood Constructions LLC sold 1129 Rearick Road, Swygerts Landing to Daniel D. and Kristina D. Painter for $267,325.

Suntrust Bank sold 1460 McPherson Landing, Rushland to Geertruida Van Vliet De Zeeuw for $175,000.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 1801 Towne St., The Cottages at Johns Island to Kim Sansbury for $175,231.

Joseph Gregory Garrison and Robert Conrad Swindler sold 2947 Split Hickory Court, Barberry Woods to Georges El Khawaja for $195,000.

Cara J. Cargill sold 3702 River Road to Kevin E. and Deborah Lyn Melton for $377,000.

Kiawah Island

John T. Lumis sold 14 Atlantic Beach Court, The Village at Turtle Beach to Jonathan Jay and Holly Ann Centurino for $1.1 million.

RCP/DB Homes LLC sold 86 Wax Myrtle Court, Marsh Island Woods to Nancy H. Hooker for $1.1 million.

William J. and Cynthia S. Mutryn sold 224 Fish Hawk Lane, Egret/Pintail to Charles E. and Marcia M. Teal for $215,000.

Geoffrey and Kathy Harris sold 350 Governors Drive, Egret/Pintail to James V. Piet for $340,000.

Linda A. Greenberg sold 16 Ocean Green Drive, Bennett & Hofford Golf Cottages to Emmet Hunter Dyer and Patricia Snipes for $850,000.

Peter B. and Alison C. Zacharkiw sold 225 Sea Myrtle Court, Middlewoods East to Mark J. Geller and Marie A. Ganott for $880,000.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

David Wayne Colson and Steven L. Hyland sold 3228 Queensgate Way, The Gates to Kimberly Herbert for $150,500.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 3085 Park West Blvd., Mansfield, Park West to Robert J. Baty for $173,000.

Margaret and John Warren Richardson sold 1453 Barbara St., Marjudo to Kathryn E. and Jason Nichols Hall for $220,000.

Daniel Heater sold 1586 Thomas Barksdale Way, Foxmoor to Nicholas Vedder and Karen L. Holland III for $250,000.

John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods sold 2000 Kings Gate Lane, The Heritage to Rodney Keith Hicks and Donald Bruce Jones for $252,804.

Emily Jane Holmes sold 1151 Lazy Lane Court, Old Georgetown Crossing to Brendan Murphy for $253,500.

John E. and Judith B. Curry sold 2459 Bergeroan Way, Highmarsh at Planter's Pointe to Jeffery S. and Jane L. Smith for $259,000.

Dan Ryan Builders SC LLC sold 2853 Sunchaser Lane to Patricia A. and Dennis Longo for $260,515.

Dan Ryan Builders SC LLC sold 2852 Sunchaser Lane to Bruce L. Mottin II and Angela R. Mottin for $264,960.

Kim Chi Vu sold 2072 Bancroft Lane, Arlington to Hongjun Wang and Shihao Li for $275,000.

Carl D. Mullinax Jr. and Mary Ana Mullinax sold 1369 Woodlock Road, Laurel Lakes to Emily A. Darr for $280,000.

Mary Lou Tolgensbakk sold 2199 Andover Way, Arlington to David H. and Caragh M. Caddell for $300,000.

Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. sold 1155 Royal Links Drive, Westchester at Charleston National to James Theodore and Janice M. Venable for $307,000.

Wesley Craig and Lisa Ann Beigel sold 1155 Royal Links Drive, Westchester at Charleston National to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. for $307,000.

Carolina Cottages Homes LLC sold 1323 Appling Drive, Watermark to Scott M. Gallo for $330,815.

Barbara S. Bostic sold 1617 Oakhurst Drive, Carolina Isle at Rivertowne Country Club to Robert B. Huette III and Virginia W. Huette for $345,000.

Dobson Homes LLC sold 1565 Appling Drive, Shell Point to Andrew E. Muller and Alexandra C. Fisher for $350,781.

Robert E. and Janice K. Kaiser sold 2751 Magnolia Woods Drive, Magnolia Woods to Joseph Michael and Joanne Centineo Hann for $395,000.

David Lockhart Henderson III and Jennifer Michelle Rice Henderson sold 1316 South Barksdale Road, Wakendaw Lakes to Stephen T. and Kelly R. Moose for $407,500.

Michael J. Pastva and Mary Beth Pastva sold 2283 Hartfords Bluff Circle, Rivertowne to Craig B. and Mary F. Whitman for $412,500.

Robert A. James sold 1129 Waterfront Drive, Hidden Lakes to Joseph D. and Diane M. Losek for $430,000.

Raeford E. and Deborah P. McKinney sold 1908 Mooring Line Drive, The Harbour to James T. and Alan F. Robinson for $430,475 .

Joseph D. Losek Jr. and Diane M. Losek sold 3428 Southern Cottage Way, The Village at Hamlin Plantation to Robert C. Roye Jr. and Kimberly D. Roye for $435,000.

Bradley H. and Lorry G. May sold 610 Hobcaw Bluff Road, Belle Hall Plantation to Michael D. and Stacey R. Schmidt for $460,000.

John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods sold 4073 Coolidge St., Waverly to Denise M. Indovina for $491,400.

Betty Jo Sneed sold 270 Hook Lane, Hidden Cove to Richard T. Weil Jr. for $515,000.

Ralph L. and Linda R. Malear sold 2488 Darts Cove Way, Darts Point to Ofer and Laurie Gamliel for $649,890.

Shari B. Martin sold 589 Galera Lane, Hibben to Paul Karp and Eileen A. Joyce for $665,000.

James A. and Jennell E. Henderson sold 3122 Sand Marsh Lane, The Sound at Hamlin Plantation to Scott F. and Mary M. White for $700,000.

North Charleston

Harbor Homes LLC sold 8221 Little Sydneys Way, Baker Plantation to Samuel P. Keeler and Weslie Sue Thompson for $168,000.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 9446 Netted Charm Court, Paddock Point to Natasha Bouie for $178,000.

Stephen and Tonia H. Gajdosik sold 2910 Shadow Lane, Deer Park to Peter F. and Sherry M. Cline for $190,000.

Seabrook Island

Mary T. Breunig sold 2774 Old Oak Walk to Gregory L. and Beth A. Henry for $325,000.

James B. and Roseanne M. Sharpe sold 757 Spinnaker Beachhouses, Spinnaker Beachhouses to Ronald L. Callentine for $312,000.

Jerry L. and Rosalie A. Wiebusch sold 2738 Old Forest Drive to Warren R. and James R. Redman Gress for $499,000.

Sullivan's Island

Margaret Gene J. Skinner and Delancey Ann Skinner sold 1001 Middle St. to Meil and Anne Garfinkel for $2.1 million.

John Hughes Cooper sold Unit A, 2062 I'On St. to Robert I. and Margaret E. Kenny for $630,000.

Mark and Laulette Lambert Weiss sold 2608 Bayonne St. to James H. Simmons II for $900,000.

West Ashley/St. Andrews

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1542 Bluewater Way, Bolton's Landing to Bruce and Jacqueline Andrews for $160,115.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1552 Bluewater Way, Bolton's Landing to Kristen May for $167,160.

Centex Homes sold 1632 Pleasant Hill Drive, Cypress to Diane Miccichi for $306,693.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 1750 Batten Drive, Bolton's Landing to Christopher S. and Shannon C. Matthews for $332,807.

Richard M. and Delouris Hollinger sold 29 Fenwick Drive, Windermere to Robin V. and Janice Babb Dowtin Steinberger for $270,000.

Centex Homes sold 3281 Conservancy Lane, Rice Field to Robert C. and Amy C. Kofke for $249,134.

Centex Homes sold 3286 Conservancy Lane, Rice Field to Kyle C. and Theresa Doreen De Lima for $235,337.

Thelma Moore sold 1723 Somerset Circle, Northbridge Terrace to David Betenbaugh and Adrienne Levy for $220,000.

Zachary K. Larichiuta sold 1244 Honeysuckle Lane, Farmington to Rex Brandon Plimpton for $157,133.

Kent R. Riddle sold 507 Ivy Circle, Harrington Place to Kyle D. and Stefanie Labash Ryan for $169,900.

Redman Martin Harris Altman sold 1297 Stiles Bee Ave., Stonefield to Andrew Sarosy for $173,000.

Barbara M. Jurjans sold 2 Chisolm Plantation Road, Middleton Plantation to Debbie H. Bullard for $192,000.

Michael Stephen Brandon Jr. sold 39 Beverly Road, Windermere to Hope Hilburn for $349,500.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded Aug. 8-12.


125 Pier View LP sold Unit 209, 135 Pier View St. to Domenick M. Petralia for $275,000.

Centex Homes sold 102 Clouter Creek Drive, Shellring at St. Thomas Island to Michael C. Leonard for $367,905.

John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods sold 1710 Providence St., Daniel Island to Brian D. and Nina M. Class for $589,900.

Luis F. Suarez and Fatima Esquetini sold Unit F203, 200 River Landing Drive to Richard D. and Rory L. Neiden for $189,000.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 434 Sanders Farm Lane, Retreat at Beresford to Andrew W. Taylor and Sarah Orberson for $238,537.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 443 Sanders Farm Lane, Retreat at Beresford to Joshua D. and Laura L. Pogue for $285,381.

125 Pier View LP sold Unit 402, 135 Pier View St. to Katherine Harvey for $400,000.

Goose Creek

April S. and William K. Latour sold 101 Speightstown Court, Crowfield to Gilberth Nesthy and Judy Anne Mendoza for $227,000.

Christina M. and Richard P. Mullenniex sold 122 Spalding Circle, Hamlets to Becky A. and Kenneth L. Skiles for $258,000.

Delia M. and Roger A. Kiser sold 101 Sandlings Court, Hamlets to Elija Jackson and Susan M. Hogan for $360,000.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 108 Sweet Olive Drive, Liberty Village to Jeffrey Cooper Stevenson for $249,827.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 215 Mayfield Drive, Liberty Village to Lee C. and Lashinda L. Jones for $265,018.


Donald L. Jenkins sold 2213 Sweetgrass Blvd., Tanner Plantation to Michael J. and Meagan Wagner for $176,000.

Charleston Oaks LLC sold 1817 Crossbill Trail, Tanner Plantation to Russell S. and Jennifer L. Miller for $298,430.

Sharon Lynn Rosen and George R. Beres sold 5813 East Lakeside Drive, Gold Cup Springs to Colby Sherwood for $170,000.

Moncks Corner

Donnie L. Parker sold 1809 Mallard Circle, Pimlico to Laura L. Boykin for $275,000.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 131 Charlesfort Way, Barony at Spring Grove Plantation to John D. and Katherine M. Merwin for $185,000.


Jack R. and Joan Carlson sold 236 McLaurin Ave., Forest Acres to Eric O. Stinney and Lori Ann Mew for $160,000.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 415 Waterlily Way, Cane Bay to Carl R. and Judith A. Riska for $221,040.

South Godley Enterprises LLC sold 385 Sanctuary Park Drive, Cane Bay to Jason A. Blake for $194,985.

North Rose LLC sold 260 Pemberly Blvd., Carriage Lane to Kellie B. Marshall for $227,380.

Centex Homes sold 312 Peters Creek Drive, Cane Bay to Renee Hope for $215,817.

Ronnie J. and Vera Lavergne sold 124 Browning Lane, Browning Estates to Christopher J. and Jill W. Tino for $260,000.

Sabal Homes at Branch Creek LLC sold 448 Brick Kiln Drive, Branch Creek to Kenneth and Kristine Smith for $351,800.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded Aug. 8-12.


Eagle Run Developers LLC sold 133 Instructor Court, Eagle Run to Fumiko and Christopher Wilson for $203,620.

North Charleston

Dan C. and Linda Katte sold 8141 Scottswood Drive, Brookshire to Samantha M. and Christopher J. Heithaus for $173,000.

Elizabeth R. Holder sold 4163 Club Course Drive, Coosaw Creek Country Club to William G. Cattorini and Linda R. Gordon for $499,999.


FV-1 Inc. sold 2057 Briar Bend Road, Winterseat to Eugene Laverne and Luvon Meschaiel Hudson for $335,900.


Brian and Katie Yoder sold 130 Marshside Drive, Legend Oaks Plantation to Matthew D. Frohlich for $290,000.

Cary S. and Misty A. Collins sold 5099 Balantine Drive, Woodlands at Wescott to Cynthia Lee and Ronald Joseph Fusco for $185,000.

Danny L. and Karen Oakley Moore sold 107 Keller Spring Court, Bridges of Summerville to Gloria and Mark C. Anderson for $279,000.

David M. and Diane N. Thompson sold 112 Stratford Drive, Kings Grant to Richard David Rees for $162,000.

David M. and Samur D. Frame sold 9456 Harroway Road, Wescott Plantation to Andrew S. Bean for $255,000.

George L. and Agnes M. Courville sold 112 East Walker Drive, Tea Farm to Jeffery A. and Mary Bowers for $362,000.

Glenn A. and Janis H. Miller sold 5106 Morrow Lane, Woodlands at Wescott to Kassi D. Nease for $199,000.

Henry C. Gillam sold 349 Prestwick Court, Pine Forest Country Club to Joanne F. and Roger L. Matheny for $318,500.

James D. and Charles K. Martin sold 205 Salisbury Drive, Salisbury to Justin C. and Jennifer L. Murrie for $235,000.

James W. and Phyllis L. Herring sold 420 West Carolina Ave., Pine Acres to Marion and Woodbury for $395,000.

Janis K. Black sold 150 Carriage Ride Lane, Legend Oaks Plantation to Shannon and Joel R. Fortenberry for $244,500.

Kirby and Janis C. Flodin sold 105 Aviary Court, Aviary to Henry C. Gillam for $402,000.

Margaret E. Spackman sold 711 Beverly Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Aaron E. and Kathene D. Winston for $169,000.

Eastwood Homes Inc. sold 5028 Blair Road, Myers Mill to Robert C. and Ashley B. Nix for $176,000.

Manorhouse Builders of South Carolina LLC sold 310 Comiskey Park Circle, Fieldview to Ronald T. and Kristie K. Smith for $226,500.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1271 Wild Goose Trail, Drakesborough to Ulysius A. and Crystal G. Vance for $161,150.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1269 Wild Goose Trail, Drakesborough to Sabrina L. Lopez for $151,510.

Zareon J. Heyward sold 8962 North Red Maple Circle, Wescott to Lisa M. Alvarez for $170,500.

Robert S. and Jane L. Raksnis sold 213 Hydrangea St., White Gables to Leslie A. and Douglas E. Wright for $160,000.

William D. and Valerie J. McMahon sold 109 Holly St., Holly to Amanda and Leo Lachapelle for $162,800.