Comcast taking control of NBC: Federal regulators impose conditions on cable firm

Comcast, the nation's largest cable TV company, says it will complete its takeover of NBC Universal at just before midnight Eastern time, Friday, Jan. 28, 2011. The deal will give Comcast Corp. 51 percent of the fourth-ranked broadcaster NBC, a bevy of ca

Paul Sakuma

Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between Dec. 5-9.


John P. Gillies sold Unit B, 1 Chalmers St., Chalmers Street HPR to Hugh A. and Laura A. Thornhill for $335,000.

Plantation Federal Bank sold Unit A3, 14 Elizabeth St. to Jesse and William J. Sandole for $200,000.

154 Spring LLC sold 154 Spring St. to Monte W. and Shelley S. Bell for $425,000.

Ecovest Development LLC sold 109 Coming St. to Stacey G. Koon for $210,000.

M and R Construction Inc. sold 226 Rutledge Ave. to 154 Spring LLC for $262,000.

Branch Banking and Trust LLC sold 5 Cordes St. to Everett Enterprises LLC for $502,500.

Portrait Properties LLC sold 89 Beaufain St. to Tidelands Bank for $2.5 million.

Folly Beach

Charles J. Gudas sold 715 East Cooper Ave. to Jonathan R. and Holly A. Sanders for $475,000.

Stephen O. Bartlett sold 1103 East Arctic Ave. to Mark J. and Theresa A. Bonney for $936,000.

James A. Rankar sold 106 West Huron Ave. to William Cromwell Taylor for $215,000.

Isle of Palms

Melissa B. Diaz Hinson sold Unit 301 A, 1400 Ocean Blvd., Oceanside Villas to US Bank National Association for $160,000.

Ronald G. Watts sold 2 19th Ave. to Scott E. and Katherine J. Kegel for $470,000.

James Island

Victor Hranowsky sold 2037 Lake Shore Drive, Riverland Terrace to Jessica Hundhausen for $468,000.

Stephen Corey Whalen sold 1200 Gunpowder Court, Farmington Pond to William H. Holseberg II and Caitlay E. Cleary for $210,000.

R. Christopher Cullum sold 2240 Maxcy St. to Theodore G. and Elizabeth J. Demas for $207,000.

Sea Island Habitat for Humanity sold 509 Carpenter St., Stono Shores Heights to Frederick R. McCarthy and Lauren R. Floyd for $199,000.

Anna B. Cross sold 753 Schaffer Drive, Clear View to Arni Clayton Nutting and Marilyn Levesque for $457,500.

New Leaf at Eaglewood LLC sold 1073 Eaglewood Trail, Eaglewood Retreat to Matthew L. Lundeen for $304,246.

John F. Bull sold 760 Joe Rivers Road, Lighthouse Point to Federal National Mortgage Association for $227,719.

Johns Island

Harbor Homes LLC sold 3415 Thorpe Constantine Ave., Staffordshire to Christine Diane and James Wilson Inabinet for $178,262.

Ann S. Williams sold 1728 Fiddlers Cove, Fiddlers Cove to Krista S. and Paul D. Tillman for $350,000.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

Charles Frederick Mintz sold Unit C, 728 Adluh St., Mount Pleasant Heights to Mark C. and Donice B. Hooper for $190,000.

John Weiland Homes and Neighborhood LLC sold 3025 River Vista Way, The Harbour to Brett E. and Cynthia S. Beznason for $604,429.

Daniel J. Busher sold 3401 Whites Cabin Road, Tennyson to Mark F. and Debra D. Mulholland for $520,000.

John W. Prine Jr. sold 2625 Coral Vine Court, Magnolia Woods to John P. McDowell and Juana Veronica Orozco for $392,000.

Gary Michael Wood Jr. sold 2128 Andover Way, Arlington to Robert I. Tornai and Peter H. Borden for $179,000.

St. Johns Capital LLC sold 2805 Caitlins Way, Carol Oaks to Amy and Ralph Brownewell for $239,900.

Chad A. Charles sold 1120 Willoughby Lane, Churchill Park to John E. and Rebecca Renner for $219,500.

Daniel Nathan Hughey sold 316 Sugar House Retreat, Molasses Creek to Warren Scott and Tara Tatum Chapman for $1.1 million.

Warren L. Bane sold 120 Palm Cove Way, Palm Cove, Dunes West to James P. and Yvonne M. Pierce for $217,500.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 4032 Conant Road, The Preston at Park West to Robert W. McClary for $245,370.

Jason T. Hogg sold 1200 Island View Drive, Harborgate Shores to Brian Todd Olds for $180,100.

Martha M. Read sold 112 Civitas St., I,On to Liberty Nissen Yancey for $479,000.

Winston Carlyle sold 600 Merrifield Court, The Retreat at Charleston National to Kelly M. Speedy for $260,000.

Donald E. Crompton sold 277 North Shelmore Blvd., I'On to Donald J. Pirozzi for $475,000.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 4044 Conant Road, The Preston at Park West to Jeanne E. Doyle for $244,150.

Karen P. Weeks sold 1553 Diamond Blvd., Crown Pointe to Leisa C. Russell for $315,000.

126 LLC sold 3660 Blessemer Road, Hairfield Office Building to Southcoast Community Bank for $620,000.

Mary B. McConnell sold 2727 North Highway 17, Christ Church Parish to Zoom Car Wash LLC for $625,000.

Ferrell Engineering sold 361 North Shelmore Blvd., I'On to Ion Holdings LLC for $949,500.

Tompkins and Company LLC sold 111 Hibben St. to Davis JJ Trust LLC for $1.1 million.

North Charleston

Stacy D. McLain sold 5569 West Shirley Drive, Ashley Villas to Patrick T. and Natasha L. Wiest for $275,000.

Commissioners of Public Works sold 9205 University Blvd. to First Citizens Bank and Trust Company for $850,000.

Seabrook Island

First Federal Savings and Loans sold 2714 Seabrook Island Road to Jeffrey T. and Ellie M. Ward for $166,950.

Captain Sams LLC sold 2938 Captain Sams Road, Seabrook Island to Barry R. and Martha Goldstein for $159,000.

Shaun M. McConnon sold 946 Sealoft Drive, Sealoft Villas to Steven L. and Janey E. Sarniak for $307,500.

Eleanor McCarty Cheney sold 2226 Oyster Catcher Court, North Beach to John D. Holschuh Jr. and Wendy G. Holschuh for $725,000.

Merry Carole Bloser sold 2652 Seabrook Island Road to Lisa Christian Hoover for $462,000.

Sullivan's Island

Tracy Bozzelli sold 1723 Middle St. to Danie Nathan and Carla Webster Hughey for $1.7 million.

Sarah A. Dyson sold 1851 Ion Ave. to Herman I. Haupstein for $2.6 million.


L. Kim Dorman sold 332 Breckingridge Drive, Summerpark to Wesley L. and Michelle Hahn for $200,000.

West Ashley/St. Andrews

Wolf Bueschgen sold 2203 Dawn Hill Drive, Hickory Hill Plantation to Tamasovich Joshua Thorin for $200,000.

Centex Homes sold 3314 Conservancy Lane, Bridgewater to Susan T. Inabinett for $167,500.

Corey J. Woolard sold 13 Jawol Drive, Mayfair at Shadowmoss Plantation to Randy M. Molnar for $194,900.

Sandunes LLC sold 1930 Fruitwood Ave., Magnolia Ranch to Jake A. Wilson for $200,000.

Samuel D. Solomon sold 11 Sheridan Drive, South Windermere to James A. and Marion A. Cameron for $235,000.

William S. Hills Jr. sold 304 Lindrick Court, Dunwood III at Shadowmoss Plantation to Matthew W. and Leah D. Jackson for $365,000.

Paul R. Garten sold 2737 Fox Trot Road, Ashland Plantation to Joanne Rose and Deborah McGregor for $305,000.

Lawrence Lingenfelder sold 1646 Indaba Way, Carolina Bay to Donald L. and Donna D. Reich for $208,000.

Larry E. Lancaster sold 692 Fair Spring Drive, Schieveling Plantation to James B. and Eileen T. Sharp for $463,000.

Springleaf Financial LLC sold 1632 Wayah Drive, Providence Common to Donald L. and Karen A. Worden for $220,000.

Timothy H. McNally sold 121 Norview Drive, Norview to Gregory M. and Kendall Ramsay for $255,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1760 Batten Drive, Bolton's Landing to Timothy Richard and Patricia Althea Kelly for $254,900.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between Dec. 12-16.


125 Pier View LP sold Unit 114, 145 Pier View St., Pier View HPR to Zachary Glenn Simons for $200,000.

Mitchell J. and Paula M. Siegan sold 1422 Smythe St., Old Landing at Smythe Park to Jaws LLC for $570,000.

Michael P. and Megan B. Beville sold 1409 Elfe St., Daniel Island to Kelly H. Cobb for $338,400.

Frances Dubose sold 118 Wando Reach Road, Wando Point to Susan J. Hiller for $390,000.

Elizabeth N. and William W. Bartlett sold 1049 Rivershore Road, Beresford Creek to John D. and Angela B. Todd for $1 million.

Centex Homes sold 204 Clouter Creek Drive, Shellring at St. Thomas Island to Khoa N. and Amber L. Vo for $424,000.

Joni E. and Fred C. Woriax sold 2006 Purcell Lane, Daniel Island to Brett McCready and Keri L. Gondar for $485,000.

125 Pier View LP sold Unit 308, 135 Pier View St., Pier View HPR to Christopher M. and Jo Marie Hayes for $390,000.

Kelly H. Cobb sold 209 Fairchild St., Daniel Island to Megan B. and Michael Beville for $521,860.

Goose Creek

Michael W. and Karen A. Hart sold 164 Red Cypress Drive, Woodland Lakes to John Allen Murray and Melanie Gay for $168,000.


Stephen H. and Susan K. Best sold 58 Monte Sano Drive, Otranto to Charles S. Schleich for $235,000.

Casandra L. Wyndham sold 1323 Belle Grove Circle, Eagle Cove to Cody E. Pennington and Danielle Sonntag for $150,000.

Weekley Homes LP sold 1214 Pasture View Drive, Tanner Hall to Lawrence E. and Tammy A. Curtis for $380,473.


Wando Builders Inc. sold 418 Sablewood Drive, Brightwood to Keran P. Weeks for $152,500.


Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 1204 Briar Rose Lane, Hunters Bend to Firas A. Abuamsheh for $158,981.

Moncks Corner

Sabal Homes at Foxbank Plantation LLC sold 524 Crossland Drive, Foxbank to Christopher J. Pacifico for $209,301.

Kurtis B. and Rebecca Taylor Newlin sold 1232 Edward Drive, Fairlawn Barony to Carolyn M. Miller for $154,900.

Matthew C. Smither sold 412 Norwood Court, Planters Trace to Stephan Frye and Jessica D. Vallianos for $165,000.

H.H. Hunt Homes Charleston LLC sold 531 Crossland Drive, Foxbank to Dennis L. and Laura K. Campbell for $223,200.


Centex Homes sold 231 Cameron St., Cane Bay to Brady Orth for $180,000.

Pulte Home Corp.sold 580 Tranquil Waters Way, Cane Bay to Jerome M. and Nancy C. Stumbras for $247,515.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 265 Pemberly Blvd., Carriage Lane to Bethany L. and Jeremy M. Hensley for $286,000.

Kenneth W. and Margaret H. Wolfrom sold 168 Old Winter Road, Moodys Plantation to James J. and Heidi Roets for $385,000.

Centex Homes sold 111 Brookhaven Road, Cane Bay to Frederick N. Brown for $179,438.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 282 Pemberly Blvd., Carriage Lane to Yau Lam and Yuet Har Moon Wong for $236,000.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 261 Pemberly Blvd., Carriage Lane to Kenneth M. and Angela C. Bailey for $246,225.

Michael B. and Sophia Binaco sold 141 Billowing Sails St., Cane Bay to Jay H. and Marilyn D. Phillips for $325,000.


Mary Christine Delcioppo sold 223 Nelliefield Creek Drive, Nelliefield Plantation to Christina D. and Clayton Dennard for $185,000.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between Dec. 12-16.


Michael J. and Jennifer A. Thorne sold 116 Saw Palm Drive, Summerhaven to Eric J. and Kerri L. Morton for $180,000.

Three Pines Developers LLC sold 219 Withers Lane, Bellewood to Christopher J. and Johnna A. Mathes for $179,000.

North Charleston

Bruce E. and Ting Hsieh Kinser sold 5400 Waxhaw Circle, Whitehall South to Stara Y. and William Hobek for $200,000.


Andrew J. and Heather L. Meador sold 510 Hawthorne Ave., White Gables to Michael T. and Terri W. Dowdee for $152,500.

Bruce T. Harper sold 6007 Snead Lane, Myers Mill to Kyle Patrick and Brianne Renee McWilliams for $185,000.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 112 Red Bay Lane, The Ponds to Scott William and Lisa Marie Paterson for $339,000.

Donald R. and Linda D. Knight sold 152 Candace Drive, Candace to Ricky A. and Barbara Schell for $319,000.

H.H. Hunt Homes Charleston LLLC sold 179 Bateaux Drive, The Ponds to Mykle E. and Christine E. Stahl for $260,795.

Kathryn L. Miarka sold 110 Lakeview Drive, Ashborough to Stanley J. and Carolyn April Elmore for $242,000.

Michael F. and Nicole M. Wren sold 651 Gahagan Road, Gahagan to Scott A. and Heidi L. Inabinet for $330,000.

MLJ LLC sold 1047 Victoria Pointe Lane, Victoria Pointe to Walton C. and Amy M. Hicks for $247,780.

Tidelands Bank sold 225 Stallsville Road to Barry A. Fields and Barbara S. West for $166,000.

Kenneth B. Baker sold 159 Spring Meadows Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Neil W. and Kathleen P. Lambert for $179,000.

Harbor Home LLC sold 113 Musket Loop, The Ponds to Darryl Q. and Lisa R. Sweeton for $210,000.

Myers Mill LLC sold 5058 Blair Road, Myers Mill to Donna C. and Louis M. Romeo for $165,000.

Dan Ryan Builders SC LLC sold 120 Lahina Cove, Pine Forest Country Club to Gerald L. and Patricia A. Byrnes for $237,165.

Dan Ryan Builders SC LLC sold 243 Renau Blvd., Pine Forest Country Club to Nancy B. Parker for $208,280.

Baucoms Development Partners LLC sold 208 Crossandra Ave., White Gables to Deloris L. Grooms for $150,366.

Jonathan D. and Alyssa Netter sold 141 Venice St., Brookwood to Giovanni S. Demarco for $157,000.

Richard T. and Denise W. Rickborn sold 101 Nantucket Drive, Ashborough to Gregory A. Chicolas and Nancy Glass for $225,000.