Style and comfort in the bath

King Features Syndicate This progressive bathroom design specializes in features that pamper the senses.

There's always lots to consider when designing a bathroom. Style is important, but realistically, first thoughts should be about comfort and safety.

This is a practical room as well as a room to enjoy the personal pleasures of relaxing and soothing the mind and body. Fixtures and cladding materials must be durable and hygienic. Basic storage requires shelves and a cabinet.

Whether you have the luxury of designing from scratch or are planning a small renovation to update your fixtures, there are excellent products available that offer both the practical necessities and stylish feel that will transform your bathroom into a sensational personal spa.

Clever manufacturers and designers take note of consumer trends and work together to improve their products in ways that will benefit the homeowner. If stand-alone tubs are popular, then how can they be improved? When more people are opting for showers, then the variety of shower nozzles and shower stalls increases proportionately.

I recently discovered a bathroom company at the Interior Design Show in Toronto whose innovative designs make sense on all levels — stylish, inviting and practical.

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