Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded March 22-26.


Eric M. and Elaine M. Miller sold Unit B1, 295 King St., to Joel and Carole Olindo for $385,000.

Jay M. and Jeanette R. Henderson sold Unit 204, 1025 Riverland Woods Place, The Retreat At Riverland to Ronald Joseph and Susan Marie Kuehnle for $190,000.

Maureen E. Ackerman sold 8 Tradd St. to Sean P. Hartness for $1,450,000.

93 And 97 Broad Street LLC sold 93 Broad St. to Kelly K. Navarro for $3,000,000.

Lloyd D. Williams, Jr. sold 700 Daniel Ellis Drive to Federal National Mortgage Association for $180,401.

Mary L. Free sold 123 Coming St. to 123 Coming Street LLC for $492,500.

Michael A. Siomek and S. Sigfrid sold 104 S. Battery St. to Manouchehr Abidi for $1,158,000.

Kevin C. and Melissa E. Stehr sold 55 Smith St. to Gloria M. Kelso for $925,000.

Manorhouse Builders of SC LLC sold 4119 Veritas St., Ashley Park Phase Two And Three to Nicole Carfagno for $164,500.

Michael and Lynda A. Horrocks sold 376 Twelve Oaks Drive, Autumn Chase to Matthew J. and Jamie L. Kornegay for $211,500.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1499 Nautical Chart Drive, Boltons Landing Phase 9A to Derrell Gene and Debra Cox Dehart for $279,000.

Gloria Deane Hardee sold 220 Shady Lane, Capri Isles to Ashley A. Kutz for $265,000.

Eugene N. and Bonita F. Gotbaum sold 863 West Madison Ave., Centerville to Patricia E. Harpell for $250,000.

Nancy S. Lynn sold 368 Culver Ave., Citadel Woods to Thomas W. Wagner, Jr. for $214,000.

Centex Homes sold 2420 Kendall Drive, Essex Farms at Carolina Bay to Robert R. Lukas for $289,807.

Centex Homes sold 2414 Kendall Drive, Essex Farms at Carolina Bay to Allen G. Ross for $271,577.

W. Leonard Balthis sold 1100 Lining Lane, Farmfield to Jeffrey Saunders and Jennifer Carter for $245,000.

Ted J. Geissler sold 2006 Petersfield Place Drive, Lawton Harbor to Malinda Kay McCollum and Anthony E. Varallo for $244,000.

Jay C. Connor sold 16 Parrothead Lane, Lowndes Point, to Suntrust Mortgage Inc. for $250,750.

Daniel Zarrillo sold 2328 High Tide Drive, McLaura Bluff, to Jeffrey Alan and Kimberly B. Holcombr for $330,000.

Michael Jody Forrest sold 1208 Silverleaf Circle, Oakcrest, to Karen W. Kerrison for $320,000.

Jay E. Williams sold 1845 Hazelwood Drive, Orleans Woods, to Federal National Mortgage Association for $162,191.

Michael L. Kapoulis sold 2114 Razorback Lane, Pierpont, to Tony Taylor Sr. and Tony Taylor Jr. for $172,000.

Thomas M. Joyce sold 1067 Yorktown Drive, Queensborough, to Philip Andrew McLoud for $225,000.

Centex Homes sold 3121 Gallberry St., Rice Field Phase 5C Carolina Bay, to Supriti Samanta and Alokesh Samanta Ray for $174,990.

Sandra F. and Achiya Delouya sold 1736 West Sandcroft Drive, Rice Hollow, to Amy M. Haines and Ron Redick for $207,555.

Bohicket Properties LLC sold 2045 Coker Avenue, Riverland Terrace, to Deborah E. Backus for $170,000.

Harvey H. and Kim A. Beach, Jr. sold 3037 Hatchers Run Drive, Saltgrass of Carolina Bay Phase Three A, to Eugene N. and Bonita F. Gotbaum for $285,000.

Jerri L. and John K. McClellan sold 1 Forest Creek Court, Shadowmoss, to Sheila M. Westfield and John L. Ramsay for $212,504.

Countrywide Home Loan Services LP sold 455 Hainsworth Drive, Sienna At Grand Oaks, to Ajit P. and Cecile E. Kamath for $174,000.

Eugene P. Eaton sold 13 Trachelle Lane, Sunday Hill, to Ryan K. Knight for $162,000.

Keith Comeron Richardson sold 403 Carol St., Woodland Shores Annx, to Todd Speakman and Julie B. Hallman for $220,000.


Irene M. Bueler sold 5188 Timber Race Corse, Plantation at Stono Ferry to David M. York for $200,000.

Isle of Palms

WDR Phase One LLC sold Unit A 410, 5804 Palmetto Drive, The Village at Wild Dunes, to William David and Susan G. Ellis for $324,000.

Margaret A Barnes sold 309 Palm Blvd. to Gayle D. Graybill for $2,100,000.

David W. and Sonya S. Marden sold 301 Carolina Blvd. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. for $1,134,000.

Fremont Home Loan Trust sold 5 Duck Lane, Forest Trails to Neil and Linda Schneider for $465,000.

WDR Phase One LLC sold 5800 Palmetto Drive, The Village at Wild Dunes to Serena W. Lau for $1,149,000.

Johns Island

Deann S. Carroll sold 4208 Haulover Drive, Hope Plantation, to Joshua and Peter Tunick for $588,000.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

Patrick Raye sold 1580 Rivertowne Country Club Drive, Rivertowne Country Club, to Pnc Mortgage for $720,000.

Faith Family Holdings LP sold 102 Live Oak Drive, Live Oaks, to Garrett J. and Meridith Barnola for $375,000.

Stephen A. and Krista R. West sold 619 Faulkner Drive, Alston Point, to Timothy M. and Dori Hooks for $539,000.

St. Johns Capital LLC sold 2812 Caitlins Way, Carol Oaks, to David K. and Michelle R. Hohnstein II for $300,000.

Southeastern Recapitalization Group II LLC sold 225 Etiwan Pointe Drive, Etiwan Pointe, to Margaret J. Schwab for $229,990.

Robert M. Brennaman Jr. and Rebecca Nason sold 742 Hibbens Grant Blvd., Hibben Phase 3, to Tracy and Peter Abeles for $595,000.

Bridgetown Custom Homes Inc. sold 568 Galera Lane, Hibben Phase Four, to Eastside Sky LLC for $405,000.

Integrity Homes LLC sold 548 Galera Lane, Hibben Phase Four, to Tierone Bank for $513,763.

Dolphin Spec Houses LLC sold 44 Robert Mills Circle, Ion Phase Seven, to David and Stacey Albenberg for $200,000.

Robert S. Pride sold 52 Robert Mills Circle, Ion Phase Seven, to Frank A. Strickland and F. Locke Mayes for $162,000.

Allison Mahoney sold 1406 Whispering Oaks Trail, Laurel Grove Phase 1, to Justin B. Kursh and R. Lauren Torlay for $256,000.

Margaret A. Jones Schwab sold 263 Beech Hill Lane, Longpoint, to Bailey V. Sullivan for $324,900.

David B. and Angela C. Harden sold 3005 Riverwood Drive, Marsh Cove Phase Two, to Jeffrey T. and Lori P. McDonald for $476,000.

Rickey Fain sold 769 Post Oak Drive, Old Village Landing, to Brian M. Ansley for $1,140,000.

Daniel Miller Hughes sold 1533 Sweet Myrtle Circle, Palmetto Hall At Dunes West, to William W. and Denise J. Richards for $238,500.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1816 Hall Point Road, Pembroke At Park West, to Michael Robert and Michelle Lee Anderson for $400,000.

Seatown Homes LLC sold 1105 Phillips Park Drive, Phillips Park, to Carriage Hill Association Of Charleston LLC for $320,000.

Patrick M. and Tammy E. Trenholm sold 2777 Oak Manor Drive, Richmond Cove, to Jeffrey J. and Christine E. Bobby, Sr. for $940,000.

Davis Family GH Partnership LP sold 1232 Palmetto Peninsula Drive, Seaside Farms, to Robert F. and Loretta A. Ricker for $362,000.

Blake Emerson sold 2141 Kings Gate Lane, The Gates At Dunes West, to Gan Deng and Hui Yang for $157,000.

Joseph Macrae and Ashley Renee Harris sold 115 Revolution Drive, The Veranda At Belle Hall Plantation, to Michael Schildcrout for $262,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association sold 1652 Lauda Drive, Wando East, to Benjamin Adam Yelm and Colleen Bridget Normile for $195,000.

Leslee and Ron Cochran sold 3486 Stockton Drive, Westchester At Charleston National, to Federal National Mortgage Association for $270,000.

North Charleston

Realty Equity Acquisition Partners LLP sold Unit B 3, 1241 Sumner Avenue, Live Oaks At Sumner HPR, to Joseph C. and Tracey Manigault for $200,000.

Eagle Properties LLC sold 6926 Rivers Avenue to Kingfish LP for $725,000.

Lois Means Duchene sold 7384 W. Spartan Blvd. to J. Andrew McIntyre and Peter J. De Santis for $515,000.

Clinton Tucker sold 3371 Kirkwall Drive, Buckshire Phase One, to Federal Home Mortgage Association for $262,577.

Bashar and Amer Halteh sold 4779 Arco Lane, Lake Palmetto Townhouses, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. for $326,044.

Larry A Kluttz and Rebecca Elaine Loman sold 8135 Wainwright Road, Northwood, to Thomas Bryant for $160,000.


Mark F. Aydlett sold 6330 The Blarney Stone, Shilelagh Oaks Farms, to Andrew P. and Vicki R. Bowman for $345,000.

West Ashley/ St. Andrews

Karen and Michael Battle sold 2494 Flamingo Drive, Longbranch Est, to Nationstar Mortgage LLC for $184,161.

Jose Baird sold 534 Saint Andrews Blvd., Moreland, to Sabr Mortgage Loan for $200,000.

John W. Beasley sold 701 Dupont Road, Orleans Estate, to Hsmc LLC for $225,000.

Seabrook Island

Donna Jean Thomas sold 10 Dune Crest Trace, Dune Crest to Federal National Mortgage Association for $169,509.


Daisy C. Loor sold 2312 North Palmetto Fort Drive, Palmetto Fort, to Federal National Mortgage Association for $469,863.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded April 5-9.

North Charleston

Rickey O. and Debra Read sold 5402 Barnsley Drive, Whitehall South, to Jason A. Jones for $179,000.


Bill M. Khalil sold 212 Bramblewood Drive, Quail Arbor, to Ruby Johnson-Pough for $165,000.

Brenda H. Stasiukaitis sold 106 Hampton Drive, Ashborough, to William Scott and Lyn Walker for $250,000.

Bryan J. and Miranda L. Buzon sold 385 Bertram Road, Summerville, to John L. Prince for $156,500.

Donald W. and Gloria A. Peters sold 207 Pecan Drive, Pecan Grove, to Marsino and Noell Zandri for $250,000.

James L. Galinsky sold 107 Bay Colony Court, Pine Forest, to Jeffrey B. and Elaine A. Swain for $217,000.

Julie S. Miler sold 313 Black Oak Blvd., Gahagan, to Kathryn S. Haynes for $218,000.

Karren A. Cremeans sold Lot 2, Boykin Creek Road, Boykin Creek, to Michael S. Stutts for $315,000.

Kenneth J. and Amy H. Jurgensmeyer sold 138 Marshside Drive, Legend Oaks Plantation, to Rebecca Obenza for $250,000.

Michael J. and Kristin Ann Daigle sold 126 Ashley Bluffs Road, Bluffs At Ashley, to William C. and Peggy J. Derrick for $250,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold 5012 Streamside Road, Wescott Plantation, to Marilyn M. Large for $200,000.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 476 Dolphin Drive, Arbor Walk to Gerald F. Harden for $185,000.

Habersham Builders inc. sold 105 Torrey Pines Drive, Pine Forest, to Stephanie D. Spinks for $247,225.

Allison Dailey Homes LLC sold 111 Yemassee St., The Ponds, to Ronald A. Karschner for $240,000.

Waterside Landing LLC sold 1031 Waterside Landing Way, Waterside Landing, to Armond Obey for $152,215.

Arvida Mid Atlantic Homes sold 322 Germander Avenue, White Gables, to Wayne E. and Barbara J. Bubnis for $299,000.

LR Development Charleston LLC sold 8027 McKayla Road, Myers Mill, to Connie A. and Charles Dunn for $306,880.

Eastwood Homes Inc. sold 5010 Blair Road, Myers Mill, to Rey A. Chacon Ruiz and Deanna Chacon for $202,065.

DR Horton Inc. sold 170 Gaslight Blvd., Reminisce, to Jared and Jackie Lee O'Cain for $170,000.

Sally W. Thackston sold 104 Shaftesbury Lane, Kings Grant, to Danny L. and Karen C. Perry for $199,900.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded April 5-9.

Daniel Island

Elizabeth S. Kalman sold 25 Lafar St., Daniel Island Park, to Greg L. Wheeler for $622,000.

Winslow Shaw and Cynthia Ann Drummond sold 1980 Pierce St., Daniel Island, to Paul E. and Leigh Anne Parker for $530,000.

Goose Creek

David E. Knox sold 107 Queensbury Circle, Crowfield, to David W. and Rebecca S. Barry for $217,500.

David R. and Crystal Kellett sold 100 Sora Lane, Woodland Lakes, to Michael Pace for $180,000.

Grady I. Sewell and Curtis A. Mauldin sold 366 Briarbend Road, Longleaf, to Bryan Richard and Eralyn Johnson for $152,000.

Jerome X. and Melissa M. Major sold 108 Church Place, Planters Walk, to Gerald D. and Betty S. Mueller for $160,000.

Centex Homes sold 244 Old Savannah Drive, Fosters Creek, to Kelvin E. Hall for $213,929.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 122 Cedar Mill Drive, Liberty Village, to Adolphus L. Burrow for $209,931.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 107 Cedar Mill Drive, Liberty Village, to Daniel E. and Debra Boekenoogen for $187,273.

Jonathan L. and Carolyn N. Smith sold 103 Archibald Drive, Laurel Hill, to David A. and Jeanette Phelps for $178,000.

South Carolina Federal Credit Union sold 138 Hickory Trace Drive, Crowfield, to Chad and Kasey Habbick for $150,000.

Centex Homes sold 521 Flycatcher Drive, Mulberry Park, to James A. and Salee S. Ray for $172,738.

Thomas Gene and Patricia T. Johnson sold 134 Mellard Drive, St. James Estate, to James D. Hughes for $158,000.


Beazer Homes Corp. sold 7619 Stargazer Drive, Tanner Plantation, to Rodney and Carolyn Prioleau for $248,925.

Raymond V. and Kathryn A. Smith sold 1009 Dominion Drive, Dominion Hills, to Edward Winslow Butchart and Ellen S. Davis for $229,000.

Rosemary Marilyn Lynch sold 1148 Brookside Drive, Belvedere Estates, to London P. Barrow for $175,000.

Moncks Corner

Charles W. and Kathleen V. Bounds sold 1068 Moss Grove Drive, Moss Grove Plantation, to Steve J. and Sonja L. Saturday for $229,000.

Jared C. and Jennifer L. Duckart sold 326 Lakewind Drive, Moss Grove Plantation, to Gregory R. and Candace Schelske for $210,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 363 Lakewind Drive, Moss Grove Plantation, to Donna J. Ossorne for $169,990.

Dan Ryan Builders SC LLC sold 208 Palmetto Village Circle, Spring Grove, to Sonya L. Lesniak for $160,775.

DR Horton Inc. sold 303 Bald Eagle Court, Cypress Ridge, to Douglas S. Bell for $245,366.

DR Horton Inc. sold 170 Cypress Forest Drive, Cypress Ridge, to Glen C. and Stella Colletti for $202,000.

Weekley Homes LP sold 120 Saluda Drive, Foxbank Plantation, to Jose L. and Yolanda A. Morillo for $274,119.


Joe David Bessinger and Lynda D. Clifton sold 1116 College Park Road, Goose Creek, to Steven M. Bessinger for $317,333.

Justin T. and Kari L. Morris sold 309 Edinburgh St., Mendenhall, to Jacques Roumillat for $185,000.

Lawrence J. and Susan H. Belanger sold 109 Felder Creek Road, Felder Creek, to Jason E. Hatch for $162,900.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 370 Waterlily Way, Cane Bay, to Darryl G. and Denise L. Rice for $303,540.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 372 Waterlily Way, Cane Bay, to Wayne C. and Edna B. Norris for $318,315.