Effects of an affair

***After a cabinet meeting on Friday June 26, 2009, Gov. Mark Sanford heads across the Statehouse grounds to his office in center of a swarm of media representatives. He continued to be in the spotlight 2 days after his admission of an affair, with incre

Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between May 3-7.


Warren King sold Unit M, 108 Smith St., Radcliffe Square, to PHS Holdings LLLP for $475,000.

Hunter and Kimberly Nickell sold Unit 21, 55 Morris St. to Four GZ LLC and Katherine M. Jurgensen for $425,000.

Jane and Robert Olson sold 102 Queen St. to Gerald Smith and Sharon Kofmehl for $997,500.

Patrick and Karen Burke sold 1021 Mount Vernon Dr., Whitehouse Plantation, to Philip J. Burke and Kimberly Sumner for $185,000.

Ashley Gardner sold 123 Evening Shade Dr. to Benjamin R. Smith for $249,900.

Melvin Miller sold 1280 Hampshire Road, Whitehouse Plantation, to Kelsie Cochran for $151,000.

Amanda Schroedl and Zachary Barrette sold 1336 South Sherwood Dr., West Oak Forest, to Lacey A. Barr for $211,500.

Christian Church Central sold 1385 River Front Dr., to Sanatan Temple & Cultural Center of S.C. for $250,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1433 Nautical Chart Dr., Boltons Landing, to Claudia Moore for $172,000.

Sean and Joli Hardwick sold 1465 Ashley Gardens Blvd., Hamilton Grove, to Christopher James and Shelley Petit Stinson for $245,000.

Joanna R. Katz and Allisun D. Chronister sold 1498 Swamp Fox Lane, Jametowne Village, to Melanie Katherine Tanner for $226,000.

Gary Tyner sold 1564 Blaze Lane, Meridian Place to Tara Denton for $159,000.

Stephanie Green and Benjamin Wong sold 164 Mary Ellen Dr., Longborough, to Tapley and Jean Johnson Jr. for $710,000.

William and Claudia Sturcken sold 171 Briarwood Dr., Shadowmoss Plantation, to Regina C. Pinckney for $171,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1725 Batten Dr., Boltons Landing, to Elizabeth Lauren and Benjamin Revere Miller for $280,933.

Federal National Mortgage Association sold 181 Droos Way, Shadowmoss Plantation, to Richard and Annette Crawford for $161,000.

Glenn and Sandra Vetter sold 1883 Houghton Dr., Marlborough, to Cornelia Jones Graham for $276,450.

Rivertown Construction Inc. sold 19 Rahn Road, Carolina Terrance, to Brett Snyder Meredith for $213,900.

Catherine J. Wisener sold 2 Lamboll St. to Benjamin Wong and Stephanie Hope Green for $1,075,000.

Donald W. Lancaster sold 2 Nuffield Road, Sandhurst, to Matthew and Meleana Peterson for $246,000.

Janice Roumillat sold 2028 Woodland Shores Road, Stono Shores, to Sabra J. Mizzell for $170,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association sold 2269 Woodland Shores Road, Stone Edge, to Robert Michael Buglino for $248,000.

Douglas Seymour sold 3 Fort Royal Ave., Wespanee Plantation, to Robert W. and Lynn L. Seymour for $280,000.

Robert C. Burns sold 3 Lavington Road, Ashley Hall Plantation, to Michael J. Burgess and Elizabeth B. Saunders for $245,000.

Edward and Natalie Stewart sold 3115 Waterville Place, Willows, to Stephen and Beverly Gottschalk for $209,400.

Centex Homes sold 3125 Gallberry St., Rice Field Phase 5C Carolina Bay to Jason B. Scarbrough and Meghan A. Coyle for $230,733.

U.S. Bank National Association sold 3312 Hearthside Dr., The Willows, to Laurie and Jason Benjamin for $198,900.

Bank of New York Mellon sold 3341 Middleburry Lane, River Oaks, to Kelly and Lance Dillon for $178,900.

Norris A. and Nancy Baylor sold 3349 Middleburry Lane, River Oaks, to Justin and Miriam Cromer for $221,000.

Deborah Goff sold 340 Arlington Dr., Stonecreek, to Nicholas Monnich for $218,000.

Steven and Sharon Cook sold 36 Shadowmoss Parkway to Ryan Treat and Ann Ward for $247,000.

Gregg Steven Leslie sold 365 President St., to Adam and Andrea Mendelsohn for $520,000.

Aurora Loan Services LLC sold 387 Twelve Oaks Dr., Autumn Chase, to Grant and Rebecca Cherrington for $194,000.

Angela Watts sold 4 Fitzroy Dr. to Jeffrey and Suzanne Collier for $239,200.

Ashley Park Development LLC sold 4120 Veritas St., Ashley Park, to Benjamin Hilton for $175,000.

Ashley Park Development LLC sold 4122 Veritas St., Ashley Park, to Larry W. Taylor for $167,500.

J. Scott and Sarah S. Kormarnicki sold 6134 Fieldstone Circle, Sweetbay, to Evan Thornton and Catherine Merrow for $214,000.

Patricia Beckman sold 657 Cloudbreak Court, Woodland Acres to Myles Curtis Bland for $405,000.

William M. Goldston sold 668 Edentree Place, Edentree Place, to James Harbin for $264,500.

TLJ LLC sold 7 Perry St., Perry to J. Wyman and Pauline J. Frampton for $230,000.

Charles and Gail Llewellyn sold 7045 Windmill Creek Road, Oakleaf, to Stephen and Julia Spears for $230,000.

Stephen Wilson sold 734 Bunkhouse Dr., The Ponderosa, to Jason Lee and Emelaine Cunningham for $176,000.

Matthew Graham, Jr. sold 789 Jim Isle Dr., Battery Point, to Marisa Fialka for $243,000.

Roberta J. Bonnet sold 843 Harbor Place Dr., Harbor Place, to Crystal and James A. Fancher for $233,900.

Lamar Bonaparte, Jr. and Henry Wilborn sold 9 Pony Lane, Marsh Cove, to HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. for $175,000.

Gregory B. Rice and Steven V. Booth sold 942 Misty Lake Dr., Lakeside Village, to Alison M. Smith and Eric M. Johnsen for $407,000.

Folly Beach

William H. and Sharon J. Jourdain sold Unit 101, 111 East Arctic Ave., Seaside Villas, to Gayle Schreier for $440,000.

James and Martha Robinson sold 316 West Ashley Ave. to Jeffrey M. and Ellen D. Coulter for $363,100.


Valmart and Melissa R. Nunes sold 4952 Steeplechase Lane, Plantation At Stono Ferry, to Citibank for $1,172,001.

Pritchard Development LLC sold 5222 Meghan Dr. to Daniel L. and Jennifer E. Smith for $187,800.

Sarah Mack sold 7934 Highway 164 to Gary and Patricia Dover Dent for $183,000.

Isle of Palms

Marion Chamberlain sold 18 Lake Village Lane to Matthew M. and Kay C. Goodloe for $565,000.

Saltwind Developers LLC sold 35 31st Ave. to Mark Mester and Maria Fitzgerald for $753,000.

James Island

Lewis Dean and Anna Marie Monk sold 1640 Camp Road, Centerville, to Eagle Real Estate Inc. for $270,000.

Sean Cartwright sold 2148 Edisto Ave., Riverland Golfview, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation for $293,838.

Henry Duke, III sold 2157 Westrivers Road, Riverland Terrace, to Hans Lange for $172,500.

Tidelands Bank sold 872 Fort Johnson Road to Springfield Realty Corporation for $195,000.

Johns Island

Margie Dempsey sold 1022 Sunnybrook Dr., Chisolm Green, to Kim O. Farris for $250,000.

New South FSB sold 1782 Hickory Knoll, Barberry Woods, to Molly A. Mayer for $163,000.

Kiawah Island

Gary Pohl sold Unit 17, 4449 Sea Forest Dr., Windswept Villas Phase III, to Christopher E. Schmidtke for $570,000.

Mark and Pamela Graeser sold Unit 12, 5564 Green Dolphin Way, Turtle Cove Villas, to Robert and Michael William for $215,000.

210 Chinaberry 1 LLC and 210 China Berry 2 LLC sold 210 Chinaberry Lane, The Preserve, to Leila Cuthbertson for $575,000.

Construction Carter Lambert LLC sold 23 Grey Widgeon Lane, The Preserve, to Eugene and Amy Lee for $2,770,000.

Leila D. Cuthbertson sold 38 Kiawah Island Club Dr., The Settlement, to Marc and Kathryn Goodrich for $550,000.

Linda Mayhall sold 406 Snowy Egret Lane, Egret/Pintail, to Joseph and Beth Lasala, Jr. for $1,050,000.

Stephen and Constance R. Andersen sold 66 Belmead Hall, Inlet Cove Club, to Robert Michael Rose for $525,000.

Out Of The Blu LLC sold 67 Otter Island Road, Otter Island, to Kimberly Norris for $1,250,000.

Philip and Ann Ameen sold 802 Osprey Cottage Lane, Osprey Cottage Lane, to Patrick and Lynda Kerin for $1,665,000.


Robert E. and Patricia A. Baker sold 9381 Koester Road to Tracy Baker for $254,974.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

William and Shirley Dodenhoff sold Unit 2, 182 North Plaza Court, Renaissance On Charleston Harbor, to Cheryl Appel Phillips for $975,000.

Timothy Mark Owens sold Unit 418, 1100 Legends Club Dr., The Legends, to U.S. Bank for $167,490.

Donna Evans sold Unit 2A, 1049 Provincial Circle, Patriots Province, to Brett West for $185,000.

Michael and Holly Reardon sold Unit 207, 137 North Plaza Court Renaissance on Charleston Harbor, to Wells Fargo Bank for $650,000.

Curtis M. Thompson sold 10 William St. to Aurora Loan Services LLC for $225,000.

Christine Harmel sold 114 Ionsborough St., I'On, to Barbara Pearson for $605,500.

Solid Ground SC LLC sold 1153 North Shadow Dr., Hickory Shadows, to Jose Cruz for $170,000.

E. and M. Investments LLC sold 1165 Chuck Dawley Blvd., Pleasant Oaks, to English J. Springs for $155,000.

Gina and Travis Layman sold 1276 Center Lake Dr., Center Lake Community Of Hidden Lakes, to Ming Xiong and Jiuzhu Yi for $261,500.

CLI Real Estate Development LLC sold 1332 Penshell Place, Watermark Phase One, to First Palmetto Savings Bank for $250,000.

Nancy McGinley and Jane Lyon sold 1425 Omni Blvd., Ravens Run, to Danielle Wehle and Sean Kilbride for $650,000.

Bryan Smith sold 1455 Oaklanding Road, Oakhaven Plantation, to Beth and Carol Lasley for $240,000.

Gary and Vicky Baucom sold 1473 Pocahontas St., Osceola Heights, to Jeremy R. Baucom for $275,000.

Andrew W. Beling sold 1525 East Crossing Lane, East Crossing, to Matthew Ashley and Laura Stanley for $157,000.

William and Naomi Simpson sold 1586 Hatteras Sound, Cooper's Pointe, to Jeffrey and Kelly Miller for $285,000.

Stowe H. Weeks sold 1673 Hunters Run Dr., Wando East, to Kayce Arnette Hughes for $164,900.

John J. and Monica A. Broderick Cantwell sold 1872 West Canning Dr., Masonborough At Park West, to Chad and Jennifer Norman for $573,500.

Regina Condy and Harris Myers sold 197 North Shelmore Blvd., I'On, to Wilbur and Donna Davis for $1,070,000.

Stephen Basile sold 1995 North Creek Dr., Rivertowne, to Johnathan Dalrymple for $354,000.

US Bank National Association sold 2114 Bearing Court, Ravens Run, to Johnny and Christina Marie Johnson for $565,000.

John T. and Kathryn A. Miller Jr. sold 2237 Salt Wind Way, Saltwood Planters Point, to Joseph and Michelle Burbage Torres for $320,000.

Jay and Wendy Unthank sold 2269 Redfern Lane, Thronewood At Planters Point, to Allisun D. and Joanna K. Chronister for $330,000.

Kevin D. Nelson and Holly Holbrook sold 2437 Fulford Court, Chadbury Village, to Timothy P. Fosdick for $235,000.

Anna Gregg Fowler sold 2513 Rivertowne Parkway, Rivertowne, to Brain J. and Vicki L. McFurk for $360,000.

Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods of The Carolinas Inc. sold 2604 Kings Gate Lane, The Heritage Phase Three Dunes West, to Patricia Baldwin for $272,589.

Steven P. Craver sold 2905 Yachtsman Dr., The Harbour Phase Five Dunes West, to Nicholas S. and Jacqueline R. Peak for $610,000.

Gary M. and Sarah C. Foote sold 2909 Thornrose Lane, Thornwood Phase Three, to Brian E. Cousins for $315,000.

Robert J. and Amy M. King sold 3177 Sand Marsh Lane, The Sound At Hamlin Plantation, to Robert H. and Katrina W. Sanders for $595,000.

Curtis Dale and Barbara J. Creech sold 3228 Seaborn Dr., Ivy Hall, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation for $150,000.

Michael E. and Linda A. Covington sold 3321 Ethan St., Madison At Hamlin Plantation, to William F. and Eileen M. Sandlin for $350,000.

John and Sona Laudenslager sold 3412 Wellesley Ct., Wellesley Place, to Jason Mai for $235,000.

Richard Allen and Noreen Lyons Carroll sold 3453 Mulligan Dr., Westchester at Charleston National, to Barbara E. Aronstam for $271,500.

William J. Pennington III sold 3468 Henrietta Hartford Road, Tennyson at Park West, to US Bank National Association for $540,000.

Claudia C. Okeke sold 348 Mount Royall Dr., Longpoint, to Shani U. Whitesell for $264,000.

Foley Company Inc. sold 366 5th Ave., Scanlonville, to Patrick M. Foley for $375,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 3664 Bagley Dr., Preston At Park West, to James H. and Alice G. Lewis, Jr. for $300,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 3672 Bagley Dr., Preston At Park West, to Brian G. and Gina Hoge for $256,000.

Julie W. and William Alfred sold 3680 Nassas St., Copahee View, to Emily M. and Louis Herodote for $227,500.

Jennifer Graziano sold 37 Sowell St., I'On, to M. Larry Blum for $515,000.

Allen Harris and Therese Ann Hogge sold 3844 Colonel Vanderhorst Circle, Dunes West, to Kevin L. and Kathleene L. Iriart for $596,000.

Bric K. and Brenda J. Wall sold 40 Perseverance St., I'On Phase 6, to Bac Home Loans Servicing LP for $700,000.

Robert O'Conner sold 530 Klein St., Deer, to Frances L. and Bruce D. Fox for $426,585.

Robert S. and Justice B. Pride sold 55 Frogmore Road, I'On Phase 5, to Christopher L. Murphy for $830,000.

Harold E. and Despina Brewer sold 604 Hamlet Square Lane, Hamlet Square, to Edwin A. Edens for $282,500.

Barbara and Mark D. Clore sold 70 Sanibel St., I'On Phase 6, to Suzanne W. Chesnut for $475,000.

Joseph G. Hollowell III sold 724 Williamson Dr., Bay Tree, to Keith H. Pauls for $285,000.

Rachel F. Hartley sold 933 McCants Dr. to Darren James and Stacie Harison Cooper for $340,000.

North Charleston

Liam Egan sold 3524 Galaxy Road, Paddock Point Phase One B, to National Deutsche Bank Trust Company for $171,669.

George C. and Frances Southall sold 4701 Arco Lane, Lake Palmetto Waterfront Townhouses, to Evonne L. Riggs for $185,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 7656 Fayetteville Road, Brookdale Phase II, to Ruthdin Aguilar for $169,900.

St. Pauls Fire District

Michael E. Jr. and Kimberly R. Jackson sold 7747 Chaplin Garden Lane, Jenkins Point Plantation, to Carl Wayne and Jamie S. Gaabo for $378,000.

Seabrook Island

Ian Martin Dalziel sold Unit 7, 1384 Seabrook Island Road, Pelican Watch Villas, to 1384 Pelican LLC for $395,000.

James B. and Rosanne M. Sharpe sold 1339 Seabrook Island Road, Pelican Watch Villas, to KSP LLC for $360,000.

Thomas F. and Nancy D. Fleming, Jr. sold 2365 Seabrook Island Road to Richard B. and Kathleen T. Sheridan for $155,000.

Robert James Cregory sold 3092 Marsh Gate Dr., Long Island, to John T. and Susan R. Carpenter for $489,000.

Edwin C. and Millie K. Holbrook sold 3735 Amberjack Court to James A. and Jennifer J. Soltesz for $740,000.

Sullivan's Island

Rhonnilynne and Harvey M. Malino sold 3204 Marshall Blvd. to Charles E. Crosby, Jr. for $1,678,000.


Grand Palm Development LLC sold 427 Grand Palm Lane, Palmetto Place, to Stephanie F. and Stephen Angus Deberry for $159,900.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between May 17-21.

Ann Guggisberg and Jaime Gallo sold 269 Kelsey Blvd., Beresford Commons, to Donna Nestor for $184,000.

Weekley Homes LP sold 1709 Sailmaker St., Daniel Island, to Marguerite T. Lawson for $470,000.

Royal Lepage Relocation Services sold 126 Balfour Dr., Daniel Island Park, to Marilyn Mauriello for $800,000.

John Weiland Homes and Neighborhoods sold 1406 Wando View St., Old Landing At Smythe Park, to Lisa and Edward F. Doyle for $635,000.

Nancy K. O'Neil sold 1916 Mahone Court, Daniel Island, to Eric S. and Tiffany S. Taylor for $465,000.

Robert L. and Michael J. Howland sold 1176 Alligator Road, Cordesville, to Carolyn R. and Ronald Edward Daley for $170,000.

Jeffrey A. and Kimberly K. Felker sold 1721 Ranger Dr., Cross Area, to Kenneth G. and Deborah Ostrander for $275,000.

Daniel Island

Thomas G. Bolt and Janice B. Connelly sold 2272 Daniel Island Dr., Daniel Island Townhouses, to Peter Nardin for $230,500.

Goose Creek

Judith A. Gilliam sold 124 Tunstall Dr., Hamlets, to Kathy A. Dennis for $256,000.

Marie and Raymond Obuchowski sold 111 Saxton Court, Planters Walk, to Richard W. Doolittle for $152,000.

Minaxi J. and Jayesh Patel sold 100 Mallery Dr., Planters Walk, to Elizabeth A. Clausen for $164,900.

Ryland Goup Inc. sold 112 Cedar Mill Dr., Libert Village, to Susan D. Reaser for $210,000.

Eastwood Homes Inc. sold 541 Brick Barn Lane, Brickhope Greens, to Alex Gozzola and Alexandra N. Giannetto for $177,240.

Eastwood Homes Inc. sold 549 Brick Barn Lane, Brickhope Greens, to Peter A. and Christine M. Sabatowski for $201,230.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 226 Island Green Road, Brickhope Greens, to Marc A. Loa and Erica R. Lawless for $159,833.

Centex Homes sold 535 Flycatcher Dr., Mulberry Park, to Diane K. and Harald S. Gibson for $235,098.

U.S. Bank sold 121 Jamesford St., Hamlets, to Magda R. and Leo Thomas Ford for $245,000.


Matthew D. Geary and Meredith Marie McCarthy sold 7143 Sweetgrass Blvd., Tanner Plantation, to Meredith McCarthy for $155,000.

Eastwood Homes Inc. sold 7494 Northgate Dr., Tanner Plantation, to Robert and Filomeno Jimenez for $178,352.

Steven R. Maykoski sold 1303 Basketweaver Way, Tanner Plantation, to Matthew S. Wood for $155,000.


Lennar Caroinas LLC sold 1033 Friartruck Trail, Hunters Bend, to James F. Nartowicz for $163,515.

Rodney L. and Sarah J. Pruitt sold 1051 Briar Rose Lane, Hunters Bend, to Jaclyn S. and Michael G. Laigle for $150,000.

Moncks Corner

Darin S. Fort sold 303 Moultrie Passage Lane, Waters Edge, to Mark S. and Patricia A. Howell for $299,000.

Michelle Moore and Michelle Fennell sold 143 Travis Hill Road, Old Cherry Hill Road, to Jimmy D. and Meloney D. Timmons for $200,000.

Dan Ryan Builders SC LLC sold 256 Palmetto Village Circle, Spring Grove, to Marie D. Lazzo for $207,625.

Sabal Homes At Foxbank Plantation LLC sold 152 Woodbrook Way, Foxbank, to Robert and Jeanette Pinckney for $218,915.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 138 Charlesfort Way, Barony At Spring Grove Plantation, to Kelly D. and Larry J. Hodge for $190,820.

Sabal Homes At Foxbank Plantation LLC sold 116 Red Leaf Blvd., Foxbank, to Leia F. and Shannon Elias for $299,275.

Timothy S. Ligon sold 103 Limekita Lane, Tail Race Canal to Santee Circle, to Arthur Phillips for $160,000.


Holly A. Young sold 528 Delafield Dr., Mason Park, to David M. Simmons for $150,000.

Jodi P. and Michael D. McGrath sold 422 Dovetail Circle, Weatherstone, to Kevin L. and Sarah K. Dunn for $175,000.

Pulte Home Corporation sold 193 Sea Lavender Lane, Cane Bay, to Betty A. Sexton for $172,000.

Centex Homes sold 285 Cameron St., Tidal Creek, to Melissa and Anthony A. Fabian for $157,714.

South Godley Enterprises LLC sold 224 Laurel Crest Way, Cane Bay, to Mary Kathryn and Jacob Lee Christiansen for $176,070.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between May 17-21.


Kelly and Scott Goldfarb sold 233 Sweet Alyssum Dr., Summer Park, to Federal National Mortgage Association for $272,000.

Michelle Lake sold 9314 Sweetbay Court, Tranquil Hill, to Patricia H. and Donald E. Lethco for $153,000.

Sabal Homes At Eagle Run LLC sold 353 Chemistry Circle, Eagle Run, to Ernest K. and Rita Akuamoah for $174,390.

North Charleston

Countrywide Home Loan Servicing LP sold 5401 Barnsley Dr., Whitehall South, to Michelle L. and Marvin C. Bingham for $165,000.

Terry S. Brown sold 5521 Colonial Chatsworth Circle, Summers Bend, to Jennifer J. Douglas for $175,000.


Ann J. Gillespie sold 8988 North Red Maple Circle, Farm At Wescott, to Gregory D. Carr for $173,000.

David L. and M. Christine Johnston sold 1002 Mayfield St., Ashborough, to Daniel R. and Patricia J. Mysock for $206,000.

Leon E. and Alice S. Copeland sold 101 Squire Court, Ashborough East, to Robert L. and Mindy L. Laird for $322,500.

Lillard M. Pitts sold 450 Barfield Dr., Walnut Farms, to Arleen Naish and Donald Arlo Jennings for $388,648.

Jo D. Steele and Jacqueline A. Flournoy sold 4987 Ballantine Dr., Woodlands at Wescott, to Laura Caroline Hardman for $158,500.

Eastwood Homes Inc. sold 5007 Blair Road, Myers Mill, to Karen D. Wigfall for $174,100.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 101 Tin Can Alley, Reminisce, to Kristen M. Collins for $163,270.

Crescent Homes SC Inc. sold Lot 128, Highwoods Plantation, Highwoods Plantation Ave., to Donna L. and Brian C. Turner for $175,101.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 155 Donning Dr., The Ponds, to Paul C. and Jennifer R. Mahaffey for $296,532.

Habersham Builders Inc. sold 111 Pine Dr., Pine Forest, to Robert Edward and Karen R. Stormer for $625,000.

Summerville Homes LLC sold 109 Long Cove Bend, Pine Forest, to Patrick M. and Kelli A. Lowe for $233,000.

Roger Ryan sold 4905 Franconia Dr., Wescott Plantation, to Peter J. Bongiovanni for $172,500.

Roseann and Albert J. Schweigert sold 200 Austin Creek Court, Blackberry Creek, to Jeffrey Robert Heaman for $245,000.

Thomas and Olive M. Sartori, Sr. sold 230 Jasmine Dr., Corey Woods, to Tami M. Porter for $151,000.