Quick & easy clean household chores that take only a minute

Given the choice, most people would live in a home that is spick-and-span. But no matter how clean a home appears, there usually are some objects that rarely, if ever, make it onto cleaning priority lists.

They include house plants, lamp shades, refrigerator coils, yoga mats and dryer vents, for starters. Time-crunched lifestyles get the blame for many of the cleaning tasks that go undone.

Lowcountry home cleaning experts say many chores that go undone actually can be accomplished in less than one minute. Here are their tips:

1. Lamp shades

The best tool to clean a lampshade with is a paint brush.

Whisk the lamp shade with a brush soft enough not to hurt the shade but sturdy enough to get the dust, dirt and cobwebs off, says Maria DuVallof Charleston’s Best Cleaning Services.

2. Glass globes

Clean light fixture globes in a sink with equal parts hot water and vinegar, DuVall says. Let the globe sit and any film on it will loosen, then rinse it off with hot water.

3. Kitchen sponges

Just toss them into the washing machine with your kitchen cloths using color-safe bleach and hot water, says Jessica Winningham of Clean Sweep Services in Summerville.

You can throw in some regular laundry detergent. A sponge can get washed and dried every two weeks and last a few months.

4. Ceiling fans

Use a telescoping micro- fiber duster to clean a ceiling fan in 20 seconds, says Winningham.

The duster moves, opens and twists. It’s fluffy and the dust attaches to the brush rather than falling onto you or the furniture or the floor.

Dust each blade back and front, and then hit any lights the fan might have.

5. Top of refrigerators

Take a wet cloth and wipe it off, says Yvonne Heyward of Maid Brigade in Goose Creek. It probably won’t be necessary to use a cleaner because most often you find only dust.

6. Shower heads

Spray shower heads with a household cleaner before you clean the shower, says Sheryl Williams of Maid Perfect of Charleston. It will need to sit for a few minutes.

Then get a plastic bristle brush and scrub. The dirt and grime that has collected there will come right off.

The result should be a smoother-flowing shower.

DuVall has another solution. Get some Lime Away or vinegar and water and put it in a zip top bag. Fit it over the shower head and attach it with a zip tie. That works for the grime and soap scum or gunk that tends to build up on a shower.

7. Garbage disposals

The stainless steel rings get a lot of coffee and tea stains, Williams says.

She uses a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove stains without any added cleanser.