‘Charleston Charm’ to premiere March 20 on HGTV

Ryan and Krystine Serafin Edwards, a young couple with two children, tap into their skills in building, interior design and real estate for a pilot TV show, “Charleston Charm.”

Move over “Southern Charm.” Another kind of charming TV show may be coming to cable.

HGTV is expected to air a pilot, “Charleston Charm,” at noon March 20. The show features Ryan and Krystine Serafin Edwards of Mount Pleasant, a married couple and “longtime sweethearts” who use their talents to help people find homes in Charleston to renovate, while also exploring the charming architecture and landscape of the area.

Ryan co-owns design-build construction company Sceltas Build + Consult in Mount Pleasant, while Krystine is an interior decorator and a Realtor with Williams Means Real Estate.

“History is alive and thrives in Charleston, but the city also has a great, cool vibe, which makes it an amazing place to live,” says Krystine Edwards.“We want to show how much we care about keeping our city beautiful by helping others rejuvenate older homes and bringing in a little local charm.”

In the one-hour pilot episode, the Edwards help a young couple from California begin their Charleston roots with the selection and renovation of a Charleston home. They will choose among a beachfront property and two downtown, historic homes.

The show apparently was a secret the couple kept until last Monday when Krystine Edwards wrote a blog post saying, “The Secret is Out ...”

“I’ve been keeping a secret for what seems a very long time, almost a year now. My best friends didn’t even know, and I finally was able to share it today. I honestly felt like it was a dream and still couldn’t believe it. You see, someone in the TV world thought what we did was pretty cool ... so this happened,” she said.

Edwards explains how she and Ryan’s skills at “flipping houses” — buying, renovating and selling local homes — led them to a pitch from a TV production company “who wanted to talk about our work.”

“We (the couple and the company) spoke and Skyped a lot and eventually got to a point where they wanted to create a sizzle. We created it and sent it off. Well, they came back and said we had a pilot! I still remember the Skype call. My oldest had a fever, I was confused and tried to call Ryan on his cell to let him hear the exciting news. He couldn’t hear a word, and my oldest was about to throw up. I told them I had to call back because I was running to the doctor’s. Chaos!”

The filming was similarly chaotic. The Edwards had only six weeks to renovate a home, at the same time the young couple from California were on the verge of having a child, Ryan was having hernia surgery and Krystine came down with the flu, all “while keeping this from everyone.

“It has been the most humbling and most amazing experience of our lives. We could not have gotten this far without the amazing support of our family and friends,” she said.

During the show, the Edwards will complete the makeover with a little architectural and decorative charm.

If the pilot is successful, “Charleston Charm” could become a series on HGTV.