American Red Cross issues new pet first aid app

The Red Cross has launched a new pet app that gives emergency information to pet owners.

It’s one of those nightmare scenarios. You see a hurt dog or cat and immediately want to help but you might not know exactly what to do, or where the nearest veterinarian is located.

The new Red Cross Pet First Aid App is now available on iPhone and Android smart phones. It gives dog and cat owners instant access to lifesaving information in the event of an emergency.

The $.99 app also can help owners maintain their pet’s health by storing valuable information that can be transmitted directly to their veterinarian.

“Pet owners learn how to recognize health problems and when to contact their veterinarian,” said Louise Welch Williams, regional chief executive officer for the Red Cross’ Palmetto S.C. Region. “The Pet First Aid App provides step-by-step instructions, videos and images for more than 25 common first aid and emergency situations including how to treat wounds, control bleeding and care for breathing and cardiac emergencies.”

Other topics include burns, car accidents, falls and what to do for cold- and heat-related emergencies.

Some of the special features include:

Creating a personalize pet profile that allows you to store tag ID numbers, a list of medications and any other specialized instructions.

Easy access to a list of early warning signs that help you figure out when to call the vet.

A search feature that finds the nearest vet clinic or other emergency resource.

A search feature that locates pet-friendly hotels.

While there are other pet apps on the market, and the Red Cross has free emergency apps for people, the organization is counting on the trust factor of their name and work to make this a popular feature for animal owners.

They also say it is not a substitute for their hard-copy manuals that provide more in-depth information.

Other pet apps on the market include PetMD, Petoxins from the ASPCA and Petphone. All allow you to track your pet’s information and provide instant access to immediate information.