The Savvy bloggers have many areas of expertise. Ladavia Just, who is a pharmacist, suggested I write about saving on prescription medication. She told me about some of her favorite pharmacies and what promotions they have going on. She recommends going to grocery stores that have a pharmacy, which saves time and money.

"If people have to shop there anyway, it sweetens the deal to be able to get these discounted or free drugs," Just says. "I mean every week we are combing through the fliers looking for BOGOs, I think many people forget about the potential savings in the pharmacies. Also, what I like about most is that there is nothing to sign up for like a lot of these pharmacies offering discount drug cards."

Publix is offering several medications for free. Most recently, Lisinopril was added to its free medication lineup. If you are one of many battling hypertension in the Lowcountry and on this medication, that 30-day prescription will cost you nothing, a savings of more than $300 a year depending on the dose.

Also, Publix offers several antibiotics for free. So you can save $40 for a 14-day supply of Amoxicillin for your little one.

Of course, cash-paying customers receive the most savings, but those with insurance aren't left out of the deal. Someone with a $10 prescription co-pay stands to save $120 a year per qualifying prescription.

If you prefer Bi-Lo, sign up for a free pharmacy savings card and use it to receive low prices on common prescriptions. The card offers benefits such as 25 percent off brand-name prescriptions and up to 75 percent off generics. Also, the money spent at the pharmacy helps build Fuelperks, a program the store offers to lower your price at the pump.

I've heard great things about Walmart. Just says that its $4 generic drug list is the most comprehensive list she's seen of all local pharmacies. Right now, it is offering a $10 e-gift card to those who transfer a prescription to

Piggly Wiggly gives customers Greenbax with prescriptions, and any new or transferred prescriptions get double Greenbax.

Harris Teeter has a Generic Prescription Savings Club that offers those with no prescription coverage a 30-day supply of certain medications for $3.99, a 90-day supply for $9.99, or a 30-day supply of generic diabetic medications or a 14-day supply of some antibiotics for free.

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