If you’ve ever been to a tailgate party, then you know game day is not just about football. It’s about camaraderie, good food and of course, showing off your team spirit.

While the men throw on a jersey and a cap, women can get a little more creative with their game day ensemble. Here’s the play-by-play on how to get the winning look for less.

Local boutiques seem to have a pretty good grip on what women are wearing during football season this year, with collections of apparel and accessories that match collegiate team colors.

Monkee’s on Daniel Island has a section of the store dedicated to game day dresses, so there are plenty of colors and styles to choose from. Most dresses are priced $50-$65.

“Nobody likes to wear the same thing, so we provide a variety for everyone,” said Monkee’s associate Stacia Komosinski.

Teal in Mount Pleasant Towne Centre caters to fans of most South Carolina teams, primarily Clemson and the University of South Carolina.

Lady Gamecocks and Tigers can find plenty of team-colored dresses for around $50-$80. To complete the look, Teal manager Caitlin Evensen suggests pairing your dress with cowboy boots.

“Dresses with boots always win,” she said.

Teal also carries several lines of football-themed tank tops for the fans who want to keep it more casual on game day. Priced at $38 each, the tanks feature team mascots and creative catch phrases about football.

Both Monkee’s and Teal carry large “statement piece” necklaces in different team colors. Usually priced around $20, these necklaces turn a simple dress into a classy look with a heap of team spirit.

You can find knit dresses in an array of colors on sale for as low as $19 at Oldnavy.com. They’re ideal for pairing with statement jewelry, and many are long-sleeved, so you can keep wearing them after football season.

There are a few online boutiques that cater specifically to collegiate-colored game-day apparel.

Hazelandolive.com has a separate page for game day apparel, where you’ll find several different styles of tops and dresses in colors to match most Southeastern teams. The price point is very affordable, with most items selling for around $35.

For NFL games, the unspoken dress code is a little more lax. Most women dress in T-shirts, jerseys and jeans, but it never hurts to throw in a little style while you’re at it.

Forever21 has NFL graphic sweatshirts for $22.80. Pair it with some colorful jeans and booties and you’re on your way to a relaxed yet trendy game-day outfit.

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